Jews Crying Over Yellow Star Used to Celebrate Yom Kipper

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 23, 2015

Whoops! Don’t you know that symbol was used to gas kikes!

I lol’d.


A Chicago television news station made a truly unfortunate art choice to accompany a segment on the Jewish High Holidays on Wednesday: the yellow Star of David that Jews were legally required to wear during the Holocaust.

The stock photo was first flagged by a Chicago editor, who posted a screenshot of the WGN news broadcast online.

I thought they were proud of the yellow star though?

A patriotic symbol of their suffering or some such thing.

They use it in their protests against European nationalists.

Jews protesting Jobbik in Hungary
Jews protesting Jobbik in Hungary

But I guess it is like Blacks and the word “nigger/nigga.”

In fact, it is exactly like that.


Apologies are not enough! You must now give Jews money!