Jews Cry Persecution as Denmark Bans Animal Torture

Daily Stormer
February 20, 2014

With the practice of Kosher slaughter, Jews prove that they are not human beings.
With the practice of Kosher slaughter, Jews prove that they are not human beings.

The Jewish infection of Denmark is crying Antisemitism as the nation has officially and completely banned their sick animal torture behaviors.

Can you imagine any worse sort of crybabying?  I mean, I am a vicious and hate-filled Antisemite, myself, but even if I wasn’t, I can’t imagine giving permission to torture animals to a religious group simply because 6000 gazillion of their ancestors were gassed with disinfectant spray in pretend showers for no reason by Adolf Hitler.

I don’t really think anyone has a right to abuse animals.  The fact that the Jews imagine they have such a right speaks directly to how sickeningly deluded they are.

From the Daily Mail:

After years of campaigning in the Scandinavian country, the ban came in to law yesterday.

The change has been described as ‘anti-Semitic and ‘a clear interference in religious freedom’ by a group petitioning against the change.

Under European regulations, animals are required to be stunned before slaughter unless an exemption can be found on religious grounds.

And animals must be conscious when killed for the resultant meat to be kosher under Jewish law and halal under Islamic law.

But, following criticism, the country’s Minister for Food, Dan Jorgensen, told Denmark’s TV2 that ‘animal rights come before religion’.

Campaign group Danish Halal has collected more than 13,000 signatures opposing the law change and plans to present them to Mr Jorgensen this week.

The group said: ‘The new order is a clear interference in religious freedom and limits the Muslims and the Jews’ right to practise their religion in Denmark.

‘It is a procedure that is done under the guise of animal welfare, despite the fact that many scientific studies show that the animal suffers less when properly performed ritual slaughter than when it gets a blow to the head with a nail gun.’

The filthy Jewish media is complaining that “oh, but Denmark killed a giraffe” – but this is insane. The giraffe was humanely killed and fed to the cats, who obviously have to eat the flesh of some animal in order to survive. No one is telling the Jews they can’t eat animals, just that they are not allowed to torture them in their satanic rituals.