Jews Cry After Greek Politician Compares Financial Crisis to Holocaust

Daily Slave
June 28, 2015

Jews continue to insist that there is nothing in the world as horrible as their lies about Jew soap and lampshades.

Jews are crying after a Greek politician compared the nation’s financial crisis to the alleged Jewish Holocaust.  The comparison is ridiculous for a number of reasons.

First off, the alleged Holocaust of 60 trillion Jews never happened.  So comparing the financial crisis to a fantasy is absurd.

Secondly, it could easily be argued that Greece’s financial crisis is far worse than anything that happened to the Jews during World War II.  After all, the crisis has gone on for some time and has affected a much larger group of people.

But what the Jews are doing is claiming that their fantasy is real and that it is some sort of outrage to make any type of comparison to it.  They literally want people to believe that nothing that has happened, currently happened or will happen could ever be as horrible as their soap and lampshade fairy tales.


Jewish groups have criticized a Greek lawmaker who posted a picture of the gates of Auschwitz with a pro-Europe slogan, accusing him of trivializing the Holocaust.

Member of Parliament Dimitris Kammenos of the Independent Greeks Party on Wednesday posted a picture on Facebook of the death camp gates with pro-Europe slogan “We stay in Europe” replacing the sign on the gate,“Arbeit macht frei,” a German phrase used during the Holocaust which translates to “work makes you free.”

The post came as Greece is locked in crisis talks with the European Union amid fears it will default on its debt and be forced to leave the E.U.

The Central Board of Jewish Communities called the post “shameful.”

We must not stay indifferent to such phenomena because if our society allows the distortion of the historical truth and memory of the Holocaust, it would have been as if we reopened the gate of Auschwitz to new crimes against humanity,” the board said in a statement.