Jews Create Debating App to Save SJW’s From Nazi Trolls

Daily Stormer
August 24, 2016


You think a man shouldn’t marry a giraffe? Shut-app, bigot!

It’s becoming so obvious that Nazi trolls are dominating the debate on all levels that even Jews are starting to openly admit it. Now, we have the first serious scheme designed to try to push us back.

An app.

From a Mr. Yoni Cohen-Idov


Chances of success?

Not good.

Shut-App Kickstarter:

About this project

Have you ever felt yourself lost for words or too flustered to react in the face of overwhelming hate, stupidity, misogyny, ignorance or bigotry?


You bet they did, Mr. Cohen-Idov. You bet they did.

Too often, we reluctantly stay silent in those situations. We’re too flustered or exhausted by sheer absurdity, or don’t know the facts well enough, or intimidated by the loudmouth idiot, or know what we want to say but can’t quite put it together, or always think of the perfect response 10 minutes too late.

Do such mythical SJW’s exist, who remain silent in the face of politically incorrect opinions? I wouldn’t have thought so. But it seems our guys have been getting increasingly persuasive and charismatic, and manage to shut these retards up more efficiently as time goes on.

The end result is the same – we’re frustrated, they get the alleged upper-hand, and sometimes even sway others around.


Cry more, kikes!

Whether it’s the racist candidate and his supporters, your homophobic uncle at Thanksgiving dinner, misogynistic colleagues at work, or Facebook “friends” denouncing everything from science to feminism to civil rights –

I am sick and tired of racist / sexist / xenophobic / homophobic / fact-repellent / logic-resistant people ‘winning’ arguments and gaining traction just by dint of being louder, allegedly-tougher, or spewing falsehoods without consequence.

>Allegedly tougher

It’s not “allegedly,” you lying rat. It’s a scientifically ascertained fact.


Average Trump supporters – total bros.


Average Hillary supporters – need I say more?

That’s why I came up with “Shut-App!”

It’s time to take a stand. Don’t shut-up. Shut-App!


This is your marketing angle? Zzzzzzzzzz….

I want to make an app that puts the best answers, most persuasive arguments and most rhetorically-powerful responses to all common asinine arguments on all the hot topics – at the tips of your fingers.

So, this Jew wants $10,000 of funding for his dumbass text-only cellphone app project. Even when working for their own side, Jews just have to scam people; this app is so simple, it could probably have been programmed by a professional in a few hours using existing templates.

In any case, the concept is that SJW’s, when triggered by Nazi trolls, will look up our arguments in this app, and a database will provide them a cookie-cutter answer prepared by “master debaters” (some random Jew and/or feminist social terrorist).


Uh… This is the best you could come up with? I almost feel bad for you. And you made a typo too, lol.

Even if this was done well, it wouldn’t exactly give them an edge over us. You see, we’ve already cataloged their arguments comprehensively and compiled effective rebuttals. This was years ago: my own book, “Hammer of the patriot” (FREE DOWNLOAD, GOY).

In other words, you’re years behind, and unlike us, your rebuttals are peasant-tier. We, on the other hand, already developed weapons-grade rhetorical techniques.


Seriously, don’t wield those techniques lightly. You could put someone’s eye out.

If the “why not a man and a dog?” argument above is indicative of the quality we can expect from the final product (which is generous, since they probably spent a lot longer on this one than the hundreds who will be in the final app), then we will be able to crush these people easily.

For example:

Jew argument: “If and when dogs are given civil rights and are able to give legal consent, then maybe they should be allowed to marry, but until then, that’s a really dumb point, isn’t it?”

Nazi troll: “According to your logic, it would be fine for a grown man to marry a 3 year old if you gave her ‘civil rights’ and ‘legal consent.’ Well, unlike you, I base my moral code on more than legal technicalities.”

btfo bro

Wow, I wouldn’t want to be the retard who used the app’s argument.

Anyway, the goal of this initiative (besides scamming goyim out of their shekels) seems to be to embolden SJW’s to be more vocal and nag normal people with increased confidence.

It won’t work, because nobody will bother to stop a conversation and look into their phones for comebacks. Also, if they try this stuff online, they will be annihilated because the material is so poor.

But it certainly is heartening to see the extent to which our enemies are panicking and being demoralized by our trolling efforts.

Keep on fighting, mighty warriors of the troll army. May our struggle be crowned by a crushing victory over the forces of darkness.