Jews Claim Syria Tried to Bomb Nuclear Reactor

We’ve all seen a belligerent drunk in a closed area looking for a fight. The drunk will wander around, making aggressive gestures, making menacing eye-contact, attempting to feel out who is ready to throw down with him, or to simply be punched by surprise, and beaten. A certain type of man, after a certain amount of alcohol, becomes incapable of recognizing that he could end up getting himself in trouble – that he is not invincible, and he could be bested.

The US military is that drunk spoiling for a fight. Right now, it looks like they’ve locked eyes with Russia. However, someone on the other side of the room could still catch their eye, and be leaped upon.

It is possible that we will end up in the Middle East, fighting yet another war for God’s Chosen People™.


Sirens have pierced the air in Israel’s southern Negev province near the secretive Dimona nuclear facility, with reports of multiple blasts heard far away from the site and anti-missile systems responding.

The sirens were heard in Abu Qrenat – a village some 13 miles (21km) northwest of The Shimon Peres Negev Nuclear Research Center in the Negev desert – following reports of explosions from the vicinity of the nuclear facility on Thursday morning, according to the Jerusalem Post. A military spokesperson said the incident resulted in no casualties.

Unconfirmed footage has circulated on social media, in which a siren can be heard blaring in the distance. The location the video was captured is unclear. Another clip purporting to show the moment a missile was intercepted by Israel’s defense systems has also made the rounds.

The Israeli Defense Forces issued a statement online confirming that sirens had been activated in the village, adding in a follow-up that officials believe a surface-to-air missile was launched from Syrian territory and that a counter attack had been carried out. “ In response… the IDF attacked the battery that launched the missile and other surface-to-air missile batteries in Syrian territory,” the military said.

A Reuters journalist some 56 miles (90km) away from Dimona reported hearing an explosion moments before the military alerted residents of the incident by text message, while the Post cited Israelis who said they heard “loud explosions” that “shook the houses” as far away as Jerusalem.

IDF spokesperson Hidai Zilberman later told Post reporter Anna Ahronheim that a long-range SA-5 missile was used in the apparent attack, which he said was fired toward Israel and exploded in the southern Negev. The launch came amid Israeli strikes on Syria, he added without elaborating.

Bombing a nuclear reactor would be a pretty big thing for Syria to try.

On first glance, it certainly seems more likely that Israel would either bomb its own nuclear reactor, or fake such a bombing, for the purpose of escalating tensions.

Maybe the Jews see that the US military is spoiling for a fight – any fight – and they want to direct that violence in the direction of their most pressing enemy?

In our analogy, this would be like someone yelling at the drunk, “look over here, you dumb faggot!” and then when the drunk looks around to see who said it, pointing at Syria and saying “he said it!”