Jews Claim Jew Jack the Ripper Only Killed Hookers Because of Antisemitism

Daily Stormer
September 11, 2014

Jew from hell.
I know when someone persecutes me, the first thing I feel like doing is gutting a whore. You should understand the persecution, goyim.

Jews continually refuse to ever accept responsibility for anything, and continue to believe that if a single member of their evil tribal cult is accused of a crime, their entire criminal operation is being indicted.

The recent revelation that Jack the Ripper was indeed a Jew has put Jews in panic mode, trying to explain away why such a weird act as murdering and disembowelling hookers would be committed by a dirty Jew.

Haaretz has literally gone so far as to claim that Jew Jack only butchered these hookers because of Antisemitism – his feelings were so hurt by evil Whites that he could do nothing but go out and slaughter whores.


In an in-depth follow-up on the revelation, the Daily Mail relates the details of Kosminski’s life before he came to Great Britain.

“He was born near the old Russian-Polish border in 1864 or 1865, when anti-Semitic laws were driving Jewish communities into ghettos – forbidden to grow food, use Hebrew or build synagogues, they were being starved out of existence.

Young Aaron was an unwanted child, born much later than his brothers and sisters, when his mother was 46. The family shared one mattress, and it is thought the boy was sexually abused, probably by his stepfather.

“Following the assassination of Tsar Alexander II in 1881, waves of ‘pogromy’ — the Russian word for devastation – were unleashed. Just as in Nazi Germany 60 years later, the Jews were blamed for everything, and extremist mobs were sent by special trains to obliterate the ghettos, in what would today be termed ‘ethnic cleansing.’ These armies of thugs burned, looted and pillaged Jewish towns. Rape was commonplace, and any man who tried to intervene would be beaten to death.

Stories spread of women committing suicide by throwing themselves from rooftops to escape the rapists. Babies were butchered in their mothers’ arms.

“Kosminski, then in his mid-teens, must have witnessed unspeakable horrors. He and his family fled, struggling across Europe until they arrived penniless in London in 1882. It was this traumatic background that fuelled his mental collapse, and that triggered his obsession with rape and disembowelment, acted out as Jack the Ripper.”

Even if it can someday be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Kosminsky committed these murders, the reasons why will surely remain shrouded in mystery.

We will never really know if Kosminsky the Ripper – if such a creature existed – was simply a run-of-the-mill lunatic, or if his terrible deeds were the result of what he suffered in Eastern Europe.

Wouldn’t be ironic, though, if the anti-Semitism that Jews fear might result from the revelation that Jack the Ripper was Jewish – were part of the reason the crimes were committed in the first place?