Jews Bomb Syria in Celebration of End of Trump Era of Peace

The Jews bombed Syria on Wednesday, claiming to hit a variety of Syrian and Iranian targets, according to NBC News and Israeli sources.

The media claimed that this was intended to send a signal that Israel will “pursue its policy of striking across the border,” despite the defeat of Donald Trump. However, many others took this large attack on her neighbor to signal that Israel is preparing for Joe Biden to soon come in to help their war agenda, and is setting the stage for an increased presence of US troops and a reboot of ISIS.

Why it matters: President Trump infamously took a very hardline pro-Israel position in his rhetoric. However, Trump is the only president since Jimmy Carter to not start a new war in his first term. The Jews are now looking forward to Joe Biden, who is planning to vastly expand US military involvement in the region.

  • President Trump ended the CIA funding of ISIS, and largely restored normalcy to Syria.
  • Trump greatly reduced the presence of US troops in the countries which Israel sees as threats, including Syria and Iraq.
  • Trump has vowed to be even less involved in the Middle East during his second term, and has this month been pulling more troops out of Syria and Afghanistan.
  • Joe Biden has surrounded himself with Jewish neoconservatives.
  • Biden has condemned BDS and Palestine just the same as Trump did, but his people, being globalists, are much more willing to act to shape the Middle East in a way that is beneficial to Jews.

The big picture: Israeli President Bibi Netanyahu was one of the first world leaders to congratulate Joe Biden on his win. The Israeli government is frothing at the mouth for a US president who is willing to get dirty in the region.

  • Israel does not have the ability to conquer Syria without the aid of the US.
  • Wednesday’s bombings were not only much wider in scale than their usual attacks on Syria, but they were also more forthcoming with details, indicating new boldness.
  • Barack Obama, for whom Joe Biden served as Vice President, oversaw the creation of ISIS by the CIA.
  • The creation of ISIS was largely enabled by Obama’s decision to destroy the government of Libya in 2011, allowing that country to become a haven of spook-oriented terrorists.
  • The war in Syria was also an extension of the “Arab Spring,” a social-engineering and warfare program designed by Obama’s State Department.

Go deeper: The issue of Joe Biden’s people taking a radical pro-war stance has not been addressed in any depth by the media, and this has allowed Biden to be almost cartoonishly bold about his agenda.

  • Biden’s campaign was largely run by neoconservatives, according to the Jewish publication Mondoweiss.
  • Neocon Jews have claimed that they have reason to believe Biden will not attempt to reinstate Obama’s Iran deal, which Trump quashed.
  • Biden has consistently called for “greater US involvement in the world,” which is a euphemism for starting wars.
  • Biden has a massive plan to empower NATO, according to Georgetown University.
  • Biden has said that he is planning on intensifying aggression against Russia without attempting to establish any kind of report in the way Obama allegedly did, according to the State Department publication Voice of America.
  • The CIA-controlled Russian opposition has a large scale plan drawn up for Biden to “confront Putin,” according to TIME Magazine.
  • Biden has condemned the Palestinians, according to his own website under the section “Joe Biden and the Jewish Community.” (Electronic Intifada also has a detailed article on Biden’s views on Palestine, containing his entire history on the topic.)
  • Biden has vowed to continue the “maximum pressure” campaign against China, including the trade war, and is going to try to get all of Europe on-board with anti-China policies, according to NPR, videos of Joe Biden talking and many other sources.
  • There is no single geographic location where Joe Biden has stated that he prefers peace over conflict, other than with the vassal states of the NATO countries which Trump tried to get to pay money.

Of note: Bizarrely, while most do not acknowledge the warmonger nature of Biden at all, some have said the actual reverse.

  • Neo-Nazis who claim that their most important issue is protecting the Palestinians from Israel urged their followers to vote for Joe Biden, despite the fact that Biden will take a much more aggressively pro-Israel stance than Trump’s.
  • MAGA people have claimed that Biden is controlled by China, despite the fact that he is much more hawkish on China than Trump ever was.

We all certainly hope that Donald Trump will remain president indefinitely, but the Israelis clearly have faith that he will not. If Biden does take control, we are looking at as big of a nightmare internationally as we are looking at domestically, as the Jews that surround Joe Biden seek to establish their New World Order once and for all through their “Great Reset” program.

We’re going to be “ridin’ with Biden” straight to hell.