Jews Boast of Organizing and Financing Ukrainian Volunteer Battalions

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
November 14, 2014

Ihor Kolomoisky boasts of being actively involved with the battalions and funding them.

The Jewish hand behind the turmoil in the Ukraine is getting clearer every day, with leaders of the ‘state within a state’ now brazenly writing open letters boasting of their support for the Kiev junta.

Shmuel Kaminetsky, a rabbi from one of the Ukraine’s largest infestations based in Dnipropetrovsk, has gone on record saying that “life is easier and safer” for Jews in the Ukraine now than for those in Belgium and France.

He has even made a film to show that the accusation from Russia of fascists and neo-nazis running things is false and that the nationalist parties only have support from about 2% of the western population.


A key figure in organising and financing the Ukrainian volunteer battalions is Dnipropetrovsk regional governor and businessman Ihor Kolomoisky, an important member of the Dnipropetrovsk Jewish community and himself a frequent target of attacks in the Russian media.

Mr Kolomoisky is actively involved with the Fund for the Defence of the Country, which collects money to provide Ukrainian troops with medicines, food and equipment. It also helps to look after people displaced by the conflict.

He claims that adverts like this are being exaggerated by Russia.

Some local synagogues have also joined the war effort.

“We are providing comprehensive assistance to servicemen fighting against terrorists and protecting the unity and integrity of Ukraine. We are calling on Dnipropetrovsk’s Jews to actively help them,” the city’s Golden Rose synagogue said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Jewish leaders are increasingly concerned about the fate of fellow Jews in areas controlled by the insurgents, especially after the murder of Jewish businessman Heorhiy Zilberbrod in Donetsk in August.

In September, at least 100 Jewish families fled Donetsk to the government-controlled city of Mariupol, according to Donetsk rabbi Pinkhas Vyshedsky.

Rabbi Vyshedsky himself recently moved his office to Kiev “to help Jews from his city who found refuge in the capital and other parts of the country”, Jewish website said.

“Jews are running away from the Russian world to hide under the wing of the fascist Kiev junta? What more can one say?” news website Argument UA commented.

The leaders of Ukraine’s Jewish community have all come out strongly in support of the Kiev junta.