Jews Auctioning Off Hitler’s Sweet Car

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 24, 2017

If only Bitcoin hadn’t just taken a dive…

Nah, I still wouldn’t buy it.

The money is going to Holocaust bullshittery.


A vintage Mercedes-Benz 770K, allegedly from Adolf Hitler’s personal garage, will be auctioned in Arizona next year, with ten percent of the selling price to be donated to educational projects on the Holocaust.

The 1939 Mercedes-Benz 770K Offener Tourenwagen – the “Super Mercedes” parade car had been used by “none other than Adolf Hitler,” said Worldwide Auctioneers, the company who will facilitate the Scottsdale Auction in mid-January.

Also known as the “Grosser,” the car “did not choose its user or its use,” the lot description reads. However, it still remains “quite likely the world’s greatest achievement in terms of automotive design, engineering, and construction.” The Super-Mercedes was specially built for the Nazi Germany leader, with details specified by an SS officer and Hitler’s driver, Erich Kempka.

The vehicle boasts quite an “impressive and extensive” set of built-in security gear, including a 30mm bullet-proof windscreen and armoured body panels. Initially designed as a guest car, it allegedly carried Hitler on several parades, marking the visit of Italy’s Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, as well as the invasion of France in 1940, auction organizers claim.

Following the Nazi defeat in World War II, the car ended up in France as a trophy of the American forces. The vehicle then made its way across the Atlantic, where it had been traded several times. One of its former owners learned the car was actually one of the four “Fuhrer-cars.”

While the starting bid for the controversial lot has yet to be announced, organizers emphasized its display is “not to glorify Hitler and his destructive policy,” but rather, “to show one of the outstanding cars of the century,” citing a historian at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, Ludwig Kosche. Ten percent of the purchase price, the auctioneers promised, will be donated and used “to educate how and why the Holocaust happened and how to effectively prevent such atrocities in the future.”

The Holocaust bullshitters need money.

The internet wants answers.

Of most pressing concern is: where the hell are these six million Jewish bodies buried?

We’ve also got a bunch of questions about how exactly these fake shower room homicidal gas chambers worked, and why there is no evidence that they actually even existed.

Some Good Documentaries

If you’re new here – and we’ve always got new people coming in – check these documentaries. Then, of course, look at the debunking videos of them, which try to explain away the facts presented.

Then come to your own conclusion.

The hard reality is that no honest person can actually believe that Adolf Hitler had a plan to “exterminate Jews” or that anything even remotely close to six million Jews died during WWII.

Of course, once you figure out that the Jews hoaxed this Holocaust, you very quickly begin to wish that it had happened.

Because the only people who truly deserve to be gassed with insect spray in fake shower rooms are those who would make something like that up.

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