Jews Attack Jew Sterling

Daily Stormer
April 29, 2014

Jews don't like it when Jews date non-Jews.  Even if they are way too old to produce children.
Jews don’t like it when Jews date non-Jews. Even if they are way too old to produce children.
Interestingly, Foxman and the rest of the gang are coming out very vocally against Sterling for the remarks he made privately to his girlfriend about black people.

From Jewish Exponent:

“The remarks attributed Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling are reprehensible,” said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL national director, in a statement. “If the National Basketball Association’s investigation reveals that Mr. Sterling in fact made these racist and intolerant statements, we expect and anticipate a swift and forceful response.”

Foxman added: “We applaud those within and outside the NBA who have already spoken out on this issue. It is reassuring and affirming to know that such flagrant racism is so widely regarded as out of bounds.”

Amanda F. Susskind, ADL Pacific Southwest regional director, called on Sterling to reject the statements attributed to him, “In Los Angeles, the most diverse major city in the country, we take as point of pride that our leaders — in business, in government and in the community — embrace and accept this diversity without bias or bigotry. Both are suggested in the shocking language attributed to Mr. Sterling. We hope he disavows both the language and the sentiment behind it,” Susskind said in a statement.

The American Jewish Committee condemned the remarks and called on the NBA to take appropriate action against Sterling.

“Donald Sterling’s callous remarks regarding African Americans are a painful reminder that, 60 years after the landmark Supreme Court decision in Brown vs. Board of Education, and 50 years after the enactment of the Civil Rights Act, there is still work to be done,” said AJC Executive Director David Harris. “And that someone so deeply involved in the NBA, which exemplifies the racial tapestry of our country, would think this way is all the more striking.”

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, who also is Jewish, called the racist remarks attributed to Sterling “truly offensive and disturbing.” He said in a statement Sunday that the league will move “extraordinarily quickly” in its investigation.

I had figured they would try to ignore it. But I guess the truth about Jewish racism was too much, and after they failed to contain that part of it (TMZ had edited out the Jew comments), a response was necessary.

He is also, like the Jew pervert Woody Allen, dating outside of the tribe, and they tend to look down upon this behavior, especially when it’s men doing it.