Jews are Very Concerned About Christian Anti-Semitism

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 31, 2020

“Why did you force me to do this? I just wanted to play video games.”

I used to get a lot of media coverage in the old days, when the media didn’t understand how I was exploiting them for my own gain by doing an ironic Nazi bit that everyone but them knew was ironic. They would report on the site as though I was literally a Romper Stomper type street neo-Nazi, and would report all of the jokes as if they were genuine statements of belief.

For those who haven’t followed the site’s progression over the last 7 years: Daily Stormer started out as an edgy comedy site, but I shied away from the “Nazi” label. Then, in 2015, understanding that the media actually believed its own hoax with regards to the existence of people who just hate black people “because of the color of their skin,” I started using swastikas and calling myself a “neo-Nazi.” It was a Steven Colbert style farce, and everyone who read the site understood that, but the Jews and the media thought it was real.

They would literally quote things like “I hate the filthy dark color of his black skin!” as if it was a straightforward statement.

I organized the most successful white nationalist march in history, which was a fake march through 6 miles of Montana snow. It was a top media headline for weeks. The Israeli media even reported the part where I said we were going to have a speaker from Hamas flown in.

Just imagine – the Jewish Telegraph Agency using the quote “And they will rue the day, as they see two hundred skinhead Alt-Right Nazis marching with a guy from Hamas carrying machine guns through the center of their town!” as a subheading to a completely straightfaced report on how I was going to fly 200 skinheads and Hamas into a small town in Montana to march through the snow – with machine guns!

The entire media did not even once guess that it was a joke. Because they legitimately believe all of their own nonsense. Jonathan Haidt is right about the left having a complete inability to explain anything that the right believes. They actually, genuinely believe we are cartoon villains, and this was so easy to exploit.

One of my other favorite events was the Taylor Swift event.

I called her “an Aryan goddess” and the media took it at face value and demanded that she “denounce neo-Nazism.”

I was literally featured on the cover of The Atlantic as the representative of the fabrication of dumb evil that I was mocking.

It just kept getting funnier and funnier. I thought the ride would never end.

Then some buzzkills at a think tank called “Data & Society” wrote two book length papers about the way I was manipulating them.

Media Manipulation and Disinformation Online

Oxygen of Amplification

A sample of this, from Oxygen of Amplification, just to give you an idea:

In this same spirit, whether subjects are directly interviewed or are observed on social media, reporters should weave the performative nature of manipulators’ actions into the story. Regarding humorous expression, or what might be regarded as humorous to participants, Andrew Kahn, assistant interactives editor at Slate, encourages reporters to lean in to the fact that such communication can be simultaneously playful and political, ironic and sincere—a point of ambivalence the leaked Daily Stormer style guide encourages its writers to exploit through the rhetorical buffer of lulz. If reporters present these utterances as “just” joking, Kahn warns, that minimizes the utterances’ very real impact and risks further normalizing harmful messages. If reporters present the utterances as entirely serious, Kahn continues, that misses the opportunity to fully contextualize the story and risks crystallizing the statements into the ideology being ascribed to them (i.e., “I’ll show you deplorables”). Beyond this, Kahn argues, attempts to “unmask” purportedly ironic behavior as fundamentally unironic imposes a false dichotomy between deliberate fakes and deliberate propaganda. The acknowledgment of provocation, performance, and manipulation – and the deep ambivalence therein – is a much more useful frame, Kahn argues; it gives the reporter a better grip on the overall narrative and allows them to sidestep the manipulators’ games, which in turn allows the reporter to add shading and nuance to the discussion.

It was an extremely in-depth explanation of “you got played, brah.”

After those papers were published, I was de facto blacklisted from mention in the mainstream media. Though I was once the centerpiece of their coverage of Donald Trump, I am now invisible.

It sucks that bit of fun is over, but it’s been good for the site, since all of these new policies about banning people have been implemented. If we were still in the news every day, there is no way we’d be able to keep the site online.

As it stands now, the media uses David Duke and Richard Spencer as foils regularly. Those two are both more traditional and straightforward in their presentation, and the media is comfortable with that. Those two also tend to provide the kinds of soundbytes that the media is looking for, and in Richard Spencer’s case, he doesn’t have any serious online presence, so there is little risk of “amplification.” People might go to his Twitter page, but it is mostly just really esoteric snark about the minutia of right-wing politics.

I’m not knocking either of these guys, of course, I’m merely pointing out that it isn’t a mystery why the media is comfortable using them as props in their anti-racist conspiracy theory.

What is surprising however is how much coverage Pastor Rick Wiles of TruNews gets. It is almost all in the Israeli media, which means that they themselves are concerned about him (as a rule, mainstream media, which is also run by Jews, is all narrative, whereas Israeli/Jewish media contains information that Jews think is important).

They are currently whining about him blaming them for the Coronavirus.

Jewish News Service:

Antisemitic and conspiracy broadcaster and Christian pastor Rick Wiles said on Wednesday that the coronavirus outbreak is spreading to synagogues, and is a punishment from God because Jews don’t follow Jesus.

“Stay out of those things, there’s a plague in them. God’s dealing with false religions,” he said on Wednesday night on TruNews, which he founded. “God’s dealing with people who oppose his son, Jesus Christ. He’s dealing with the forces of Antichrist. And there’s a plague moving upon the earth right now, and the people that are going into the synagogues are coming out of the synagogues with the virus.”

“It’s spreading in Israel through the synagogues,” he continued, before blaming the Jewish state’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the Anti-Defamation League.

“Let me tell you Mr. Netanyahu, let me tell you ADL: God. God is spreading it in your synagogues. You’re under judgment because you oppose his son, the Lord Jesus Christ.”

The ADL condemned the comments.

“This is classic antisemitism mixed with religious triumphalism. It is unsurprising coming from Pastor Rick Wiles, whose ‘news’ outlet is a primary source for outrageous antisemitic conspiracy theories,” ADL CEO and National Director Jonathan Greenblatt told JNS. “As we note in our report ‘Antisemitism Uncovered,’ the belief that Jewish people are cursed goes back to the Middle Ages and the Inquisition. It is backward thinking and has no place in America in 2020.”

Rick Wiles is not particularly well known, as these things go, and he’s already been banned from YouTube. But the Jews report on every single thing he says.

It seems to be that the concept of “Christian anti-Semitism” is particularly scary to Jews. This is for good reason. It was the Jews that destroyed Christianity, because they knew of the strength that it gives white people. They also know that Christianity is fundamentally anti-Semitic, with the New Testament basically putting the blame on the Jews for all evil on earth and referring to them as the children of Satan.

The Jews managed to turn modern Christianity into literal Jew-worship, somehow. It was quite a neat little trick. But the last thing they want is a reemergence of a real Christianity that is faithful to the teachings of Christ. Jews of all people understand that if the Holy Spirit is guiding us, we will win. They keep strict tabs on such things.

It is also more than tabs. When the Jews write in their own media about a “dangerous anti-Semite,” they are basically painting a target on his head, calling for other Jews to do whatever they can to thwart and ultimately destroy that person. I can tell you from experience that this machine goes into action quickly, and it will come down on you like a piano dropped out of a window.

We should pray for Pastor Rick.

Foot Note: For anyone who missed the fun times of the neo-Nazi media saga, I will speak frankly: I am not, nor have I ever been, a "neo-Nazi." I support white people, and Christianity, and Western civilization, and I am opposed to the Jews. The Nazis held all of those same positions, as did virtually every European before the Nazis. I do not think that Adolf Hitler was evil, in fact I believe he was a very good Christian man. However, this doesn't make me a "neo-Nazi" any more than my admiration of Roman civilization makes me a "neo-Roman." Sure, the German National Socialists do have a special place in my heart, in part because of their progressiveness on race issues and the Jews and in part because they are closer to us in time than any other grand European Empire and there is video footage of them, but I view them as a part of a tradition of European civilization, all of which has highly admirable qualities. "Neo-Nazi" has the very specific connotation of someone who wears Nazi costumes and marches around, using weirdly belligerent and cartoonish rhetoric. The neo-Nazi movement is now closely associated with extreme Marxist feminism for some reason that I don't really understand. They also tend to be anti-Christian or promote some weird cult version of Christianity. The leaders of that particular movement are presumably all federal assets, and their followers borderline retards. In 2015, when I first started the bit, I wasn't really aware that these people existed. Also, since that time, the neo-Nazi movement has grown, apparently due to people who wouldn't have previously promoted this type of ridiculousness being recruited as federal assets. Basically, the feds want to funnel anyone who stands up for white people against the Jews into these weird cultlike groups. The bit had already pretty well run its course, but if there was any question about that, the real life neo-Nazis definitely killed it. Does the possibility exist that the bit was misguided from the start? Well, there is a short answer and a long answer. The short answer is "no," and the long answer is "absolutely not." Heil Hitler.