Jews are Running Scores of Fake Internet “Communities” So They Can Slip Pro-Israel Messaging into the Content Stream

Diversity Macht Frei
September 17, 2018

Just when you think Jewish efforts to control the public conversation of the world couldn’t get any more extreme, they do.

I mean, if someone told me that a command centre in Israel was directing Jews, dispersed around the world, to like specific comments on specific web pages because they were considered “Good for the Jews”, even I, a counter-Semite, would likely have said,”C’mon, that’s crazy,” if I hadn’t see it with my own eyes.

Now here we have Jews running all kinds of fake internet communities, on Facebook and elsewhere, nominally focused on innocent, non-political topics such as Girly Stuff, the Environment or History factoids. Every once in a while they will slip some pro-Israel messaging into the content flow. The scale and frequency of this is kept low enough not to attract attention. Pro-Israel propaganda is subtly injected into the general consciousness.

This conspiracy to deceive is revealed in yet another leaked excerpt from the suppressed Al Jazeera documentary The Lobby – USA, posted and discussed on the leftie Electronic Intifada website.

One of these Facebook pages, Cup of Jane, has almost half a million followers.

Cup of Jane’s “About” page describes it as being about “Sugar, spice and everything nice.”

But there is no disclosure that this is a page run for the purpose of promoting Israel.

The “About” page does identify Cup of Jane as being “a community launched by TIP’s Future Media Project in DC.”

There is however no direct and explicit mention of Israel or indication that “TIP” stands for The Israel Project.

The Electronic Intifada understands that even this vague acknowledgment of who is behind the page was only added after The Israel Project learned about the existence of the Al Jazeera undercover documentary and presumably anticipated being exposed.

“We have a team of like 13 people. We are working on a lot of videos, explainers,” he tells Tony in Al Jazeera’s documentary. “A lot of it is just random topics and then maybe like 25 percent of it would be like Israel or Jewish-based.”

Other pages identified by the censored Al Jazeera documentary as run by The Israel Project include Soul MamaHistory BitesWe Have Only One Earth and This Explains That.

Some have hundreds of thousands of followers.

History Bites does not reveal its affiliation with The Israel Project, not even with the vague formula used by Cup of Jane and the other pages.