Jews are Viciously Attacking Trump’s Acting Attorney General Pick Matthew Whitaker

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
November 11, 2018

It appears the Jews have some issues with Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker.

Generally speaking, when you see a large number of Jews openly attacking someone, it means that whoever they are attacking is doing something right. At the very least, the person they are attacking is making them feel uncomfortable. Donald Trump’s pick to serve as Acting Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker, is a choice that the Jews are definitely not happy with. They’ve already written a number of scathing opinion pieces against him, even while he’s only been officially on the job for a few days.

Take for example the Washington Post Jewess Ruth Marcus who has already written two negative opinion editorials painting Whitaker in a negative light.

Her chosen title – “Matthew Whitaker is a crackpot” – reveals once again why a Jewess like Marcus is relegated to publishing her hateful tripe on a discredited clickbait blog like the Washington Post.

But this title is the equivalent of the Daily Stormer publishing a story with the title “Ruth Marcus is an ugly old kike bitch.”

We would never in a million years publish a title like that. That’s because unlike the Washington Post’s writing staff, we are actual professionals and have real standards. This is something that the Washington Post clearly knows nothing about.

And to think that the Washington Post actually charges readers to have full access to their hateful content. They even have the nerve to call the hate that they publish “great journalism,” which is a highly questionable and dubious claim. It doesn’t get much sicker than this.

It’s no surprise that a number of Jews with blue check marks went to Twitter to voice their approval of this hateful and extreme blog post by Marcus.

The Jew Bill Kristol took special issue with a quote where he seems to be saying he doesn’t want Jews to be judges.

The Jewish media is also attacking Whitaker for being associated with a company that got into some trouble with the Federal Trade Commission. It’s a pretty weak attack considering all that’s going on in the world.

The Jewish Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is even claiming that appointing Whitaker was unconstitutional. He’s going so far as to imply that his pick was part of a conspiracy by the goyim.

But perhaps this tweet from the fat and unfunny Jewish comedian Chelsea Handler, gives us some insight as to why the Jews are not happy with Acting Attorney General Whitaker.

And Whitaker is also on record stating that he would indict Hillary Clinton.

The amount of hostility we are seeing from Jews towards Acting Attorney General Whitaker is an indication that this was a good choice by Trump. Only time will tell, but Trump has definitely angered lots of Jews with this pick – maybe it’s better to just confirm this guy than bring in some other character?