Jews are Now Claiming That Adolf Hitler was an Evil Tax Evader

Daily Slave
June 26, 2014

The Jewish propaganda campaign against Adolf Hitler never ends.

For over 70 years, Jews have done everything in their power to paint Adolf Hitler as the most evil man ever to live.  On top of lying about how he was responsible for gassing 600,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Jews, they’re now claiming that he was a tax evader.

A German Jew named Herman Rothman allegedly discovered a secret will that proves how Hitler was a bad man because he owed taxes.   Considering the source, we can probably assume that this so-called will is a fabrication.  The story Rothman tells about how he was able to get these documents is highly suspicious and sounds like a lie much like the Holohoax fairy tales.

But honestly, is anyone really stupid enough to believe anything a Jew says about Hitler at this point?  They’ve lied about this man so many times that there’s no reason to believe anything they say about him.  Jews for obvious reasons are not capable of forming a constructive opinion about this man.

Below is an article providing more details on this Jewish propaganda.

From the Daily Mail:

Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler squirrelled away a massive fortune using cash he had ‘earned’ from his image rights and personal appearances as well as his refusal to pay £1.75 million in income tax.

The Fuhrer even levied a royalty on German stamps featuring his image, with the cash hidden in his secret bank accounts.

The mystery surrounds a secret will discovered by Herman Rothman, a German Jew who operated with British intelligence during the Second World War.

Mr Rothman, who is now in his 90s, has told on television for the first time how he discovered Hitler’s secret will which left intriguing clues to his secret wealth.

The former intelligence officer provided a fascinating insight to documentary makers behind Channel 5’s The Hunt For Hitler’s Missing Millions.

After Hitler’s suicide in his Berlin’s bunker in 1945, Mr Rothman’s Counter Intelligence Unit spotted a man dressed in civilian clothes they believed was an on-the-run Nazis.

One of Mr Rothman’s colleagues, who was a tailor in civilian life, spotted the unusual cut of the man’s jacket – which contained a seven-page document containing Hitler’s last will and testament.

According to Mr Rothman: ‘We were absolutely shocked by what we found.’

Mr Rothman was able to instantly translate the document, which was written shortly before Hitler shot himself on April 29, 1945.

The first section was an rant against the Jews blaming them for starting the conflict. The second section was an attempt by the doomed dictator to hide the extent of his wealth.

According to the documentary makers: ‘What emerges is a picture of a smart property and art investor, a shrewd manager of cash with a love of money.

‘Hitler’s actual tax records survive and suggest that he was a “cash-in-hand” businessman and a serial tax evader. He owed the German taxman a small fortune when he became supreme leader in 1933.

‘Hitler had other ingenious ways of making money. The film reveals how he and his various business advisers and managers managed to copyright and sell his image rights and how he trained himself to make public appearances and speeches, for which he took payment.’