Jews are Not Even Making a Pretense of Doing Something Other Than Censoring All Criticism

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 2, 2018

I’ve been in this thoughtcrime game for a while now. When I started six years ago, it was pretty much just me and some boomers running virulent websites. I’ve watched the cultural movement surrounding white identity blossom like a nuclear bomb, and it has been glorious.

I’ve also watched the Jewish response, in real time. I’ve been the first person to be banned from everything. I lost PayPal in 2013, was the third person banned from Twitter for political speech, then was banned from everything else to become the most censored person in all of human history.

What I can tell you is that the Jewish narrative on censorship has completely transformed in this time. Really, all the way up until Charlottesville, the ADL, SPLC, et al. were making the argument that all they were doing by shutting people down was telling private companies that they shouldn’t do business with individuals who “traffic in hate.”

In 2018, they are not giving any pretense of doing anything other than silencing anyone who questions them, by any means necessary. And in the wake of the Gunfight at O.K. Synagogue, the media is beginning to raise the specter of hate speech laws.

If they successfully shut down Gab – which is not even a political website, just a forum that allows people free speech – then the next target is going to be something much bigger.


A website popular with racists that was used by the man charged in the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre was shut down within hours of the slaughter, but it hardly mattered: Anti-Semites and racists who hang out in such havens just moved to other online forums.

On Wednesday, four days after 11 people were fatally shot in the deadliest attack on Jews in U.S. history, anonymous posters on another website popular with white supremacists, Stormfront, claimed the bloodshed at Tree of Life synagogue was an elaborate fake staged by actors. The site’s operator, a former Ku Klux Klan leader, said traffic has increased about 45 percent since the shooting.

The anti-Semitic rhetoric was just as bad on another site popular with white supremacists, The Daily Stormer, where a headline said: “Just go, Jews. You’re not welcome.”

That was not a headline.

I did say that, but it was inside of an article.

This is how incompetent the media is. There was zero reason to call that a headline. Like, the lie didn’t benefit them any, because that is something I said. These journalists are simply stupid tools of the Jewish ruling elite.

Trying to stop the online vitriol that opponents say fuels real-world bloodshed is a constant battle for groups that monitor hate, and victories are hard to come by. Shut down one platform like Gab, where the shooting suspect posted a message shortly before the attack, and another one remains or a new one opens.

Let me fix that for you: “Trying to stop the online vitriol that Jews say fuels real-world bloodshed is a constant battle for Jews that monitor criticism of Jews.”

No one else is doing this. It is all Jews. Talking about “opponents” and “groups” and “hate” is all just very thinly masking what is actually going on.

They effectively admit that yes, this is just a bunch of Jews trying to silence anyone who dares question that most powerful group on the planet, but they come up with all of this long and convoluted ways of saying that.

The problem dates back to the dawn of the internet, when users connected their computers to each other by dialing telephone numbers. A report issued by the New York-based Anti-Defamation League in 1985 found there were two online “networks of hate” in the United States, both run by neo-Nazis who spread anti-Semitic, racist propaganda.

Today, the vastness of the online world is a big part of the problem, said Oren Segal, director of the ADL’s Center for Extremism. Determining how many hate sites exist is nearly impossible, he said.

“It’s really difficult to put an actual number on it, but I would say this: There are thousands of hate sites and there are dozens and dozens of platforms in which hate exists,” Segal said.

An ADL report released a day before the shooting said extremists had increased anti-Semitic harassment against Jewish journalists, political candidates and others ahead of the midterm elections.

The New York-based ADL said that before the 2016 election of President Donald Trump anti-Semitic harassment was rare, but afterward it became a daily occurrence.

The ADL is a non-profit that has been openly engaged in illegal election meddling for years.

Newsflash, kikes: It isn’t Trump that is doing this. It is your behavior, and the number of people finding out about it. Mainly more people are finding out about it recently because you are out there in public silencing anyone who questions you. It’s a bad look.

The story of Gab, the platform where Robert Gregory Bowers allegedly wrote an ominous message early Saturday before the shooting, shows how new sites spring up in a hate-filled environment.

Created in 2016 to counter what founder Andrew Torba viewed as liberal censorship on social networks, Gab gained popularity among white supremacists and other right-wing radicals after tech companies clamped down on racist sites following the deadly clash at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. The Daily Stormer was offline briefly after the violence but re-emerged on a new host.

That is again wrong. We didn’t need a new host, we needed a new domain because the Jews – for the first time ever – were able to organize to have dozens of domain registrars deny us service.

Hosting is very easy – I could host this site myself from a laptop in my bathroom – what is not easy is starting your own registrar to register a domain.

But let’s get to this part – the part where the Associated Press assumes that shutting down freedom of speech is fundamentally good, but says the problem is that it’s “a challenge” – because of the First Amendment. 

With Gab now shut down after the synagogue shooting, Torba is portraying the platform not as a hate-filled corner of the internet, but as a bastion of free speech that’s working with federal authorities “to bring justice to an alleged terrorist.”

Purging hateful content from the internet is a challenge. The Constitution’s guarantee of free-speech provides a roadblock to banning hate speech in the United States, according to the First Amendment Center, a project of the Washington-based Freedom Forum Institute.

“Political speech receives the greatest protection under the First Amendment, and discrimination against viewpoints runs counter to free-speech principles. Much hate speech qualifies as political, even if misguided,” said an essay by center scholar David L. Hudson Jr. and Mahad Ghani, a fellow with the center.

So understand: this is the beginning of the push to pass hate speech laws in the United States. The media is now describing the First Amendment as a “challenge” to overcome in pursuit of the fundamental good of silencing anyone who dares to question the richest and most powerful group of people on earth.

Some advocate other tactics for curbing hate.

Three days before the synagogue attack, a coalition that includes the Alabama-based Southern Poverty Law Center, a liberal advocacy organization that monitors hate groups, released a proposed framework aimed at social media companies.

Yes, the SPLC released a report three days before the attack, the ADL released a report the day before the attack.

Very strange coincidence that two Jewish ethnic activist groups would release plans to shut down freedom of speech right before this shooting, which then gave them the ability to pressure for the enactment of these measures.

We have to really, really start pressuring Trump and other politicians to move to protect freedom of speech. Because this is just going to keep getting worse.

And Trump cannot win without anyone who supports him on the internet. Over 90% of conversation now happens online – the idea that anyone who supports the President is banned from speaking because Jews say so is completely insane and unworkable.

If we had been able to speak freely in the lead-up to these upcoming elections, the results would be different. These Jews are screaming about invisible Russian meddlers as they engage in real life election meddling.

We need to start calling Congressmen, we need a full campaign to get an Internet Bill of Rights that says that the First Amendment applies to the internet. And we need to do it quickly.

We must have these freedoms.