Jews are Freaking Out Over the South Africa Thing

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 23, 2018

The South Africa thing is going to become the red-pill battleground for the foreseeable future.

/Ourlads/ Trump and Tucker have already brought the issue to normies’ attention.

Predictably, Reddit is censoring it – even though the President of the United States brought it up. 

After the Day of the Rope, there’s going to be a Day of the Swirly as we shove big tech company nerds head first into toilets for their blatant satrap-like compliance with censorship.

And naturally, Jew Journalists are freaking out as well.

Blockhead Joe in particular had a spicy take.

Oh wait, it gets better.

Blockhead Joe is, for once, right.

What I find amazing (well, I don’t really anymore, knowing what I know, but it’s a figure of speech) is how “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children” is considered, like, bad. 

I mean, of all the retarded shit that has ever come out of White Nationalism 1.0 and Neo-Nazis, the 14 words are probably hands down, the most coherent and unimpeachable meme that they ever produced.

If you didn’t know that it was a WN 1.0 thing, could you find anything wrong with the 14 words? I sure can’t. A rational look at the 14 words reveals nothing particularly offending and egregious. To a non-soyboy.

But the Jew knows. It helps to really put yourself into the skull of a scheming Jew mind.

Joe is right to point out that if Americans start identifying with the plight of South Africans, they’re pretty much identifying with White people and racial consciousness will start to grow.

I mean, some conservatives are talking about how what’s happening in South Africa is “socialism gone wrong” lol, but most people are straight-up seeing the blatant black racism on display here by the people that they were told were models of good behavior and racial harmony.

If Americans start identifying with South Africans, it’s not because of their commitment to Capitalism, or to American values, or to any of this other values-based shit.

It’s pretty much a racial thing, no other way to spin it.

Once an American can look over the sea and see a little bit of himself in the eyes of a South African Boer… well that’s a profound revelation. It’s like a Tarzan meets Jane moment.

Think about it, the metaphor really works. Tarzan – the American – spends his whole life living among the apes – the niggers. And Jane… well, she would in this metaphor also have to have spent her life among the apes – the African niggers. And then they touch hands and look into each others, and realize, holy shit, we’re quite similar, we’re nothing like the apes we’ve been living amongst.

And the Jews would be like.

That’s racial consciousness, baby! 

And yes, for the record, /pol/ was right about what would happen in South Africa.

Everyone who has spent any time on the internet and who isn’t a kike knows for a fact that /pol/ is always right.

So this comes as literally no surprise to anyone, except Joe Bernstein and the kikes who run the media, of course.