Jews are Doing Nothing to Prevent Crown Heights Pogrom 2.0

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 30, 2019

Black violence against Jews is escalating rapidly in the New York Metro area.

And the Jews are doing the only thing they know how to do: whine and demand that the goyim do something.


When a suspect walked into the home of a rabbi celebrating Hanukkah and stabbed five celebrants it was the latest in a week of anti-Semitic attacks in the nation’s most demographically diverse area — and an incident that reverberated across the country.

“Again, here we are: mourning another act of senseless anti-Semitic violence committed against our community and praying for those who were the victims of this hate,” Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt said in a statement Sunday following the attack a day earlier in Monsey, New York.

“This is at least the 10th anti-Semitic incident to hit the New York/New Jersey area in just the last week. When will enough be enough? These heinous attacks make something abundantly clear: The Jewish community needs greater protection,” Greenblatt said.

This was an attack on the house of an individual Jew.

The US government is willing to spend insane amounts of money on the Jews – theoretically, they are willing to spend all the money on the Jews – but the idea of a police officer being put outside of the house of every individual Jew is just not even theoretically possible.

But that must be what Greenblatt is demanding when he blames the goyim for not protecting the house of a single Jew that got rushed by a single black guy.


What else could he be demanding?

Since the Dec. 10 massacre at a kosher grocery store in New Jersey there have been 19 anti-Semitic incidents in the U.S., including 16 in New York and New Jersey, according to the ADL’s Tracker of Anti-Semitic Incidents. The tracker is a compilation of recent cases of anti-Jewish vandalism, harassment and assault reported to or detected by the group.

Most concerning: Ten of those incidents have occurred in New York since Dec. 23 and involved assaults or threatened violence. The ADL defines assaults as incidents where people’s bodies are targeted with violence accompanied by evidence of anti-Semitic animus or in a manner that attacks Jews for their religious affiliation.

Just so you understand, because the media is leaving this detail out: 100% of these incidents have been done by black people.

It’s an interesting detail to leave out. Because even if “race doesn’t exist,” it is not statistically possible that this is all a coincidence.

The AP piece goes on for many paragraphs recording the whining of Jews before finally coming to something to do with black people.

The Congressional Caucus on Black-Jewish Relations condemned the Monsey attack “in the strongest possible terms” and said the surge in anti-Semitic attacks is a “disturbing trend both here in the United States and abroad.” The National Action Network founded by Rev. Al Sharpton is planning a news conference Monday with black religious and civil rights leaders and Jewish allies to denounce anti-Semitism.

But one Jew quoted actually says something smart.

Still, noted Mark S. Bloom, rabbi at Temple Beth Abraham in Oakland, California: “You can’t up security every time an incident happens because they happen so often.”

No, you cannot have infinite security, which is what appears to be the only plan of the ADL.

What could be happening is that the Jews could be facing another Crown Heights pogrom.

The Crown Heights riot was a situation in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, that started when a Jew ran over two black kids and the Jewish ambulance refused to treat them, resulting in one of them dying. The driver then fled to Israel, the blacks just couldn’t take it anymore and rioted against the Jews.


The Crown Heights riot was a race riot that took place from August 19 to 21, 1991, in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, New York City. Black residents turned against Orthodox Jewish Chabad residents, resulting in a deterioration of already tense racial relations in the densely populated community. The riots began on August 19, 1991, after two children of Guyanese immigrants were accidentally struck by one of the cars in the motorcade of Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the leader of Chabad, a Jewish religious movement. One child died and the second was severely injured.

In the wake of the fatal accident, some black youths attacked several Jews on the street, seriously injuring several and fatally injuring an Orthodox Jewish student from Australia. Two weeks after the riot, a non-Jewish man was killed by a group of black men; some believed that the victim had been mistaken for a Jew. The riots were a major issue in the 1993 mayoral race, contributing to the defeat of Mayor David Dinkins, an African American. He was blamed for an ineffective police response.

About three hours after the riots began, early on the morning of August 20, a group of approximately 20 young black men surrounded Yankel Rosenbaum, a 29-year-old Jewish University of Melbourne student in the United States conducting research for his doctorate. They stabbed him several times in the back and beat him severely, fracturing his skull. Before being taken to the hospital, Rosenbaum identified 16-year-old Lemrick Nelson Jr. as his assailant in a line-up shown to him by the police. Rosenbaum died later that night because the doctor didn’t notice a stab wound in his chest.

For three days following the accident, numerous African Americans and Caribbean Americans of the neighborhood, joined by growing numbers of non-residents, rioted in Crown Heights. In the rioting of the ensuing three days, according to Edward Shapiro, many of the rioters “did not even live in Crown Heights.”

During the riots, Jews were injured, stores were looted, and cars and homes were damaged. The rioters identified Jewish homes by the mezuzot affixed to the front doors.

An additional 350 police officers were added to the regular duty roster on August 20 and were assigned to Crown Heights in an attempt to quell the rioting. After episodes of rock- and bottle-throwing involving hundreds of blacks and Jews, and after groups of blacks marched through Crown Heights chanting “No Justice, No Peace!”, “Death to the Jews!”, and “Whose streets? Our streets!”, an additional 1,200 police officers were sent to confront rioters in Crown Heights.

On the third day of the disturbances, Al Sharpton and Sonny Carson led a march. The marchers proceeded through Crown Heights carrying antisemitic signs and burning an Israeli flag. Rioters threw bricks and bottles at police; shots were fired at police and police cars were pelted and overturned, including the Police Commissioner’s car.

Riots escalated to the extent that a detachment of 200 police officers was overwhelmed and had to retreat for their safety. On August 22, over 1,800 police officers, including mounted and motorcycle units, had been dispatched to stop the attacks on people and property.

By the time the three days of rioting ended, 152 police officers and 38 civilians were injured, 27 vehicles were destroyed, seven stores were looted or burned, and 225 cases of robbery and burglary were committed. At least 129 arrests were made during the riots, including 122 blacks and seven whites. Property damage was estimated at one million dollars.

It was a serious event. And by definition, it was a “pogrom.”

Al Sharpton, mentioned above, who is now nothing more than a Jewish shill, was actually one of the leaders organizing against the Jews and the cops back then.

He was pretty hardcore back then, as Wikipedia recounts.

In his eulogy at the funeral, the Rev. Al Sharpton referred to “diamond dealers” (a Jewish business) and said, “It’s an accident to allow an apartheid ambulance service in the middle of Crown Heights.” A banner was displayed at the funeral that said, “Hitler did not do the job.”

Basically, all of the factors that led to this event are now in place, on a much larger scale, and all that we are waiting for is an event to kick it off, in the way that running over those black boys kicked it off in 1991.

It would have to happen in warmer weather.

But right now, it looks like we’re going to spend the next months with tension building.

All of the Jews’ plans to prevent this from escalating involve trying to physically intimidate black people using law enforcement. Which is almost cartoonishly stupid, if you know even a single thing about the way black people operate psychologically.

But the Jews are sending Mossad-type boomers in berets to march through the streets of the metro area.

And, as seen above, the ADL is demanding that the cops start cracking down on blacks.

And with the grocery store shooting and this stabbing, the cops are probably going to go along with it, quickly.

And it’s all going to be ready to pop off in 4 or so months when the weather breaks.

We are reminded of a favorite quote of the Jews.

“A riot is the language of the unheard.” -Martin Luther King Jr. 

And we are reminded of my favorite song.

Which will of course be the official song of the 2020 anti-Jewish pogroms by blacks.