Jews Aggressively Shilling Propaganda to Justify an American Invasion of Venezuela

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
April 8, 2019

The Jewish media industrial complex is really starting to push propaganda designed to justify an invasion of Venezuela to install the CIA stooge Juan Guaido as its leader. Not surprisingly, we see The New York Times at the forefront of pushing this war propaganda.

We are starting to see the Jewish media propagandists really begin to shill for an American-led invasion of Venezuela. That’s because all the covert attempts to overthrow Nicolas Maduro with dirty tricks have failed.

This Juan Guaido character who the United States has hailed as the new leader of Venezuela is rightfully viewed by most Venezuelans as an American puppet (probably even the ones who support him know he’s an American puppet). He’s basically an asset of the CIA who is promising to give Venezuela’s oil resources to large American corporations.


Venezuelan congress head Juan Guaido is preparing a groundbreaking reversal of late President Hugo Chavez’s energy industry nationalization, allowing private companies a bigger role in its oilfields and shrinking state-run PDVSA, according to opposition advisers and a draft seen by Reuters.

A short while ago, a very unfunny Jewess comedian YouTube personality named Joanna Hausmann put out a propaganda video about Venezuela. It has been heavily shilled by the Jew-run New York Times. In it, she tries to tell leftists that they should support Donald Trump’s agenda to remove Maduro from power.

The video is nothing but war propaganda filled with a variety of contradictions. It’s all designed to sell leftists on why America should support Trump’s invasion of Venezuela. You would think this would be a tough sell, considering she’s primarily talking to an audience who hates Trump and have been told for the past two years that he is a Russian Nazi.

Hausmann’s YouTube channel is filled with all sorts of bullshit about Venezuela even though her Wikipedia bio says she was born in the United Kingdom. Suffice to say her actual links to Venezuela are suspect. If she lived there for any period of time, it couldn’t have been for very long.

She also did a video a few years back describing her Jewish and Latino roots.

But this isn’t just some random Jewess producing shitty YouTube videos. Her father is Ricardo Hausmann. This is someone who previously held a high level position at Venezuela’s Central Bank back in the 1990s. He has also been involved with the International Monetary Fund and other Jewish international financial institutions. The reason this is significant is that he played a major role in implementing policies that led to the people revolting against the status-quo and installing Hugo Chavez as their leader. Maduro is the political heir of Chavez.

Hausmann is also actively advising Guaido with this ongoing project to remove Maduro.

A number of people have been on Twitter calling out this connection and trashing The New York Times for not disclosing this obvious conflict of interest.

Hausmann comically claimed that the people who were exposing this connection are sexist.

What we are seeing is a repeat of what we saw in the lead up to the Gulf War. The Jewish media promoted a lie about Iraqis tossing babies out of incubators to justify American military intervention.

The Canadian media exposed the whole thing as a hoax.

The same thing happened in 2003 when the Jewish media heavily promoted the lie about Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction. This was used to justify the eventual invasion of Iraq. The whole thing was a hoax originally promoted by Judith Miller, another Jewish reporter for The New York Times.

We also recently witnessed a girl on Fox Nation telling a sad tale about her mother fleeing Venezuela in the 1980s because of Hugo Chavez’s horrible socialist policies. The only problem with her story is that Chavez didn’t come to power until the late 1990s. Even if she just misspoke, it obviously raises all sorts of questions about the rest of her story.

It couldn’t be any more obvious that they are prepping the American people for an invasion. We are seeing these personal stories pushed to emotionally manipulate people into supporting a war.

There are even news reports coming out talking about how an invasion of Venezuela is being seriously considered.

Washington Examiner:

A military intervention to oust Venezuelan strongman Nicolás Maduro remains “a very serious option” for the United States, according to President Trump’s national security team.

“Obviously, that’s a result that no one would like to see but clearly one that is seriously considered as events unfold,” a senior administration official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told reporters Friday evening.

The whole situation is crazy. The last thing we need is another foreign military misadventure.

Whatever is happening in Venezuela is none of our business. We have much bigger problems to deal with domestically which requires our immediate attention. Namely, the third world invasion on the southern border. No sane person can believe that what’s going on in Venezuela is more important than the untold number of problems we have here at home.