Jews and Zionists Cheer as Anti-Government Protests Hit Iran

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
December 30, 2017

A myriad of anti-government protests have hit Iran over the past few days. With ISIS now a non-factor in the region, many are speculating as to what the Zionists will do next. We may have found our answer.

It is reasonable to say that these protests didn’t just come out of nowhere. This looks like another attempted color revolution, similar to what we have seen in places like Ukraine. The exact reason for these protests is foggy, but it allegedly has to do with some combination of women’s rights, economics and Iran’s military support of Syria. In other words, the rationale is centered around a bunch of Jewish nonsense.

Jews and Zionists have come out in unison supporting the protests in the name of freedom and democracy.

Here’s just a handful of tweets from the blue check mark crowd. Twitter has gotten so ridiculous with their censorship that a blue check mark on the platform is practically the equivalent of a “jude” star. Most people with the blue check mark status are either Jews or supporters of Jews.

The Merchant Right crowd has even got in the game.

The President is also supporting the protests which is not a surprise considering his consistent anti-Iran rhetoric. His position on Iran is a major disagreement that many of us have with the President.

Here’s the State Department’s official statement.

The fact that there has been a unified front supporting these protests is an indication that this an attempt by the Zionists to destabilize Iran from within.

You’ll notice that there was no unified front supporting Palestinians protesting Israel. The kikes even killed a man with no legs and there was no outrage!

“We’ve got bullets! Bullets for brown people! No legs? No problem!” -Jews

And how about what happened in Charlottesville a few months back here in the United States? There was no unified front expressing outrage over a criminal conspiracy to shut down an attempt to hold a peaceful rally.

So to say that these people are concerned about freedom and democracy is the most retarded thing imaginable. This is about creating chaos in a nation that is opposed to Israel. It has nothing to do with freedoms.

Annual rallies supporting the Iranian government are being held today. It looks as if these pro-government rallies will be larger and more widespread than the anti-government rallies.


Annual nationwide pro-government rallies were held in Iran on Saturday to mark the end of unrest which shook the country in 2009, state media reported, while local news agency and social media reports said a third day of protests had begun.

State television showed a rally in the capital Tehran and marchers carrying banners in support of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Mashhad, Iran’s second largest city. Pro-government rallies were scheduled in more than 1,200 cities and towns, state television said, events held annually to mark the end of months of street protests which followed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s re-election as president in 2009.

While anything is possible, it is doubtful that this revolution will succeed. The Iranians are well aware of America’s historical interference in their nation’s affairs. This interference which created a socially degenerate cesspool under the Shah is what led to the 1979 revolution and the formation of the Islamic Republic.

Just look at these free and independent Iranian sluts before the revolution! The revolution put these skanks in their place!

The United States needs to end its continued interference in the internal affairs of Iran. This is a country that has no means to militarily invade the United States. Any interference in their internal affairs only benefits Israel which contrary to popular belief is not our greatest ally. Israel is America’s greatest enemy and people need to start recognizing this fact.