Jews and Race Traitors Release Plan to Shut Down “Neo-Nazism”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 6, 2014

Bring it on, Jews.  Round two is going to finish differently.
Bring it on, Jews. Round two is going to finish differently.
The Jews and the race traitors are at it again, calling us names and scheming to shut us down.

The good news is, they think they can continue to use brainwashing to shut us down – at this point, we have such momentum, being propelled by such factual truth and obvious reality, that the only possible way we could be stopped is with bullets.

Eventually, they are going to come out and say “we have to just start killing these people wherever we find them.”

At that will be the signal of our total victory over the forces of evil.


Council of Europe (CoE) member states need wider strategies to counteract growing neo-Nazi ideology, the political committee of the CoE Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) declared Friday.

At a meeting held in Paris, committee members unanimously adopted a report entitled ‘Counteraction to manifestations of neo-Nazism’ authored by Swedish Moderate Party member Marietta Pourbaix-Lundin.

The economic crisis in Europe of the past four years has fostered growing support among citizens in some countries for far-right political groups, including some who openly espouse neo-Nazi views, particularly against immigrant minorities.

Pourbaix-Lundin stressed that the most effective way of counteracting this rise was not repression, but “prevention through education.”

“Identification of early signals should allow for timely action against radicalization,” the report states.

The report cites a number of initiatives across Europe following a rise in neo-Nazi attacks. These include Norway, where a new action plan against violent extremism was presented in May this year.

The Norwegian program focuses on spreading knowledge about the diffusion of such ideology and informing authorities on how best to face the challenges.

Problems in Finland led authorities there to draw up specific measures to counteract the spread of hate ideology over the internet and its use as a means of radicalization.

The report makes clear that the rapid diffusion of extremist ideology via social media makes it doubly important to track such views and react quickly.

The PACE committee said neo-Nazis are not to be ignored, but they should not be turned into martyrs either, and invited political leaders “to engage in debate with the neo-Nazi movements so as to expose them publicly by refuting and condemning their ideology and rhetoric.”

Other possible measures include making party leaders and members, including parliamentarians, criminally liable for ‘hate speech,’ and preventing the funding of such parties.

The report will be debated by PACE at its next plenary session in Strasbourg during the week of September 29.

“Neo-Nazism” as they call it is the obvious and natural response to the invasion of our countries. It is a tribal mechanism being set off – the desire to protect the future of our children, to defend our values, to live and prosper in homogeneous communities. Thus, the haters are at war not with an arbitrary ideological framework, but with the order of nature itself.

Or, if one prefers, they are at war with God.

Our position is right. We cannot be shut down and we cannot be stopped. Our number rise each hour, as another European becomes fed up with seeing his or her country raped and mutilated by the invading hordes.

We are obvious and we are now.

Bring it on.

Hail Victory.