Jews and Lackeys Label Tucker Carlson a White Nationalist

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
January 23, 2018

When you surf cable news you see two Americas.

There is the America of Tucker Carlson, which represents the people against the ruling class and takes positions the majority of Americans agree with.

Then there is the fake Jewish America of (((Andrew Lack’s))) MSNBC, where 90% of the panels are made up of blacks waiting for the 10% of Jews (like Jennifer Mendelsohn in the above clip) to feed them anti-white arguments.

Naturally, Tucker blows away all of his competitors for the 8 PM cable news slot. Here are the latest numbers, which by the way, don’t even take into account the millions of internet hits his viral interviews get.

Hannity has only held first place by borrowing Tucker’s talking points.

It’s frankly a shock that Jews haven’t started a campaign to get him off the air by now.

Finally, they’re trying to build momentum for it.

The man has single-handedly raised the quality of “right-wing” discourse in America by skyscraper proportions, speaks in collectivist rather than individualist terms, is divorced from market liberalism and – while retaining a civic nationalist frame – his consistent opposition to war and nods towards European style blood-and-soil nationalism are probably the main reason Trump hasn’t cucked too bad on intervention in Syria and immigration yet.

This show is the only hour on cable news where you get the truth, which is why it is resonating.

The retard Erik Wemple from the WaPo has already been poking and prodding, but apparently with little success. Tucker probably records his “interviews.”

Erik Wemple appears to have a mild form of Down Syndrome.

Wemple (who is either a heavily inbred Jew or a guy who has been hit in the head) has responded with a butt-hurt editorial about Tucker putting out factual immigration statistics that are supposed to remain hidden.

The Judeo-Left is angry because they want their opposition on TV to be dimwitted sycophants like Bill O’Reilly or Zionist snakes like (((Mark Levin))). No more.

While Tucker doesn’t talk about race, the way he approaches politics, issues and debates is indeed in the vein of the alt-right. Jews and lackeys aren’t wrong about this.

Jews and leftists are ripped to shreds in every debate because what they believe is stupid and genocidal.

When you realize a creature like this not only is taken seriously, but actually has political clout, you get to appreciate just how grave our country’s decline is.

The predominately white audience the system wants to put back to sleep sneers and laughs at these freaks and anti-white kikes alongside Tucker.

Let’s see if their movement to demonize him and then snatch him off the air gains traction.