Jews and Blacks Plan to Normalize the N-Word to Take Its Power Away

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 9, 2017

The Jew Norman Lear and the black Jerrod Carmichael are plotting to normalize the n-word in order to take its power away.

So I’ve decided to stop using it, in order to return its power.

Because the last thing we need is for our most powerful magic word against the nigg – the colored folk to be powered-down.

Hollywood Reporter:

The Carmichael Show’s Jerrod Carmichael visited Norman Lear’s new podcast “All of the Above” this week and talked about how he plans to incorporate the n-word into his network sitcom.

Carmichael, Lear and Lear’s co-host Paul Hipp spoke about the word, which the three of them believe only increases the divide in society.

“Wouldn’t it be better if the word…was available?” said Lear. “Making it the worst thing that could ever happen, so that nobody can say anything but the ‘n-word’ — isn’t that a curse on the word and communication?”

Carmichael responded by saying that making it taboo actually preserves the word and makes it “more dangerous. “It’s a curse on the word and childish, and does more harm than good. People think — the intention is it’s stopping hatred, but it doesn’t stop hatred and it doesn’t stop, you know, painful language.”

Lear said he’d like one of them to use the n-word in the next three minutes. He counted down and then all three men simultaneously said the word.

“By the way, that may be one of the greatest moments of my life,” said Carmichael. “I think we’ve done so much for race relations in that moment.”

They are obviously right about this.

By giving words or thoughts magical powers, you are enshrining them in religious awe.

We have a new religion in the West based on political correctness. It can appropriately be called “Holocaustianity,” because the Holocaust is its foundational myth.

The religion is based on the idea that the white man is born guilty of first the Holocaust, then slavery, colonialism, the Crusades and so on, and that he must repent of this, and serve Jews and other nonwhites, in order to cleanse himself of the sin he was born with.

It’s a sort of twist on Christianity, which is the religion that whites evolved to be most prone to. Christianity had sexual desire as the original sin. That was admittedly sort of weird, as sex is not really any more magical than the word nigger, it’s just a sort of sweaty, sticky action which, if we didn’t know what it was – say if we were aliens from another planet that reproduced asexually – would seem very silly probably somewhat disgusting. But, enshrining sex this way obviously worked to keep together a stable society. It protected the nuclear family.

Holocaustiantiy protects the Jews and their Mordorian hordes.


Became this.

This worked for a while, but at this point in time, it’s breaking down. We are using meme magic against their sacred concepts. The Jews used humor to break down our traditional religion, now we are using humor to break down their neo-religion.

As it were, the Jew Lear himself created “All in the Family,” which with the character of Archie Bunker was the first big TV show to really degrade the white Christian male as buffoonish and unconsciously evil.

The show ruthlessly mocked Christianity, which at the time, was still held sacred. But laughter was a way to break through that barrier.

Watch this clip:

That is what they did to us, we are doing the same to them.

We are mocking the Holocaust, we are mocking the Jews, we are mocking the stupid nigg – colored folks – and it is working.

The politically correct religion is collapsing in on itself.

So Lear – who obviously understands these things very well – is encouraging a chess move. Normalize the n-word, and it can no longer be used as a way to cut through the politically correct narrative.

The n-word normalization concept is a small thing, but I think we are going to see a larger push by the Jews to try and scale down the religious implications of racism, and try to create some sort of edgier way to sell their agenda to the kids.

Because right now, it is not edgy.

They are on a humorless march, where the established social norm is nagging women, whining Jews, absurd blacks, uptight homosexuals and sickening trannies, and the seeds of a social revolution revolting against this are well sewn.

This is good way of artificially transforming a culture.

This is too.

Even this.

This, however, is not sufficient to maintain an artificially transformed culture.

Nothing the Jews are pushing now has any appeal to someone who isn’t already deeply involved in it, and young people simply aren’t going to go for it.

It’s time for a pivot.


It could be that this is too big of a task, and Jews with the cleverness of Lear are a dying breed, and instead of attempting any kind of realignment of the narrative, they will just continue to push forward with mass censorship as their only weapon of defense.

They don’t seem to be planning things very well these days.

Meme warfare is absolutely real, and it’s power is only growing. All of the kids nowadays know our memes. “Hitler did nothing wrong” is now a normie meme. PewDiePie is the most watched entertainer in the world.

And the Jews’ only method of dealing with this is “SHUT IT DOWN.” They have not attempted to counter-meme, thus far. They have not attempted to produce anything which is emotionally moving to the youth.

They are just sort of flopping around, placing all bets on mass censorship.

We’ve certainly passed peak Jew.