Jews and Blacks Bully Keaton Jones Because His Mom Owns a Confederate Flag

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer

December 12, 2017

A little boy who made a video about being picked on at school went viral. He is bullied at school over some of the scars left after surviving cancer.

He has enjoyed an outpouring of grassroots support for his plight that has culminated in celebrities and popular figures reaching out to him. Seems like a nice story, right?

Well no, this is actually problematic! You see, he is white and doesn’t dress in women’s clothing. Jews believe people of this sort should be bullied.

Somehow, the fact that his mother owns a Confederate flag is not only relevant to his situation, but a reason to attack him. Some aggrieved Twitter nigger fanatics frantically searched his mother’s social media for an excuse to ruin this humble family.

Without Jews letting them borrow their media bully-pulpit, the mulatto anti-white professional activists would be ignored like the crazy people they are.

But Jews like (((Stav Ziv))) at Newsweek see this as an opportunity to give them a platform.


Keaton Jones became an overnight celebrity this weekend. The sixth grader from Knoxville, Tennessee, appeared in a video on Friday that was posted by his mother, Kimberly Jones, on Facebook. In the viral clip, the 11-year-old described being bullied at school.

But what started as an outpouring of support for Keaton may have turned into an attack on Kimberly for her purportedly racist views, which allegedly included her family brandishing the Confederate flag. With Kimberly’s Facebook page no longer set to public, Newsweek could not immediately determine if the screenshots of Kimberly’s allegedly racist social media posts were authentic or if the mother of the bullied child was perhaps being cyberbullied herself.

“Just out of curiosity, why do they bully? What’s the point of it?” Keaton said in the now-famous video. “Why do you find joy in taking innocent people and finding a way to be mean to ’em? It’s not OK,” added a tearful Keaton, sitting in a car with his seatbelt on. He explained that bullies made fun of his nose, told him he was ugly and had no friends. They poured milk on him and put ham down his clothes at lunch and made him afraid to eat lunch at school.

Keaton certainly found support—a lot of it—online. Within a day, the video racked up 11 million views and was shared 250 million times; by Monday morning the number of views reached 22.5 million. The video prompted the hashtag #StandWithKeaton and a GoFundMe campaign that has raised $58,274, though it’s not clear whether the fundraiser was legitimate. That campaign has since been suspended and no funds have been released, per a statement from GoFundMe.

But the viral dream may have turned into a nightmare. Twitter and Instagram are now full of posts with screenshots of what users claim are Kimberly’s own social media profiles and interactions. The hashtag #kimberlyjones brings up thousands of Instagram posts; the vast majority of the recent posts are part of a backlash against Kimberly and, sometimes, Keaton.

So Keaton Jones’ GoFundMe was deplatformed, online trolls are sending death threats to him and his mother, and the media is lampooning them – all because Kimberly Jones owns a Confederate flag!

Nothing, not even disabled kids bullied for their scars, are safe from the anti-white narrative.

Whites cannot exist or even co-exist in America because they won’t let you. In this system, people of European descent are not even seen as human.

Notice how the Jew Zvi lets the principal imply that bullying isn’t really a problem at his school. If Keaton was bullied for wearing a princess dress, this Jew journalist would’ve never printed that quote.

It’s not that the media always outright lies. The lie is in what editors and journalists include and omit depending on the agenda they want to push.