Jews Aggressively Promoting Gender Identity Disorder as Brave New Fantastic

Daily Slave
May 30, 2014

It's over.
It’s over.

It looks as if people with gender identity disorder are the new queers.  Apparently the Jews don’t think it is trendy enough to be a faggot or a sodomite.  In order to be really trendy you are now required to dress up like you are a member of the opposite sex.  Obviously this type of behavior is sick and a clear sign of a mental disorder but it doesn’t matter to these degenerates.

This insanity really started to pick up steam after a bearded transgender freak won the 2014 Eurovision song contest.  It has continued with Jew Amazing Spider-Man actor Andrew Garfield dressing up like a woman in the music video to Arcade Fire’s song “We Exist”.

MTV which operates under the Jew Sumner Redstone’s media empire has put out several shows promoting the transgender lifestyle.  Most notably this has been featured on MTV’s True Life which regularly features a wide variety of mentally ill and confused young people.

Previously we’ve even seen Bradley Manning the alleged Army whistleblower dressing up like a woman and referring to himself as Chelsea Manning.  The Jew media has had a field day with that one.

Chuck Hagel the U.S. Secretary of Defense has said that he’s open to talking about the idea of transgender personnel serving openly in the military.  This is obviously the most ridiculous thing imaginable.  Having homosexuals, queers, sodomites and transgender personnel in the armed forces is not a strength, it is a weakness.  Hagel probably fears the Jew media labeling him as a bigot so he’s selfishly going along with this Jew program.

Now we see Time Magazine preparing to run a feature story on how transgender people somehow represent the next frontier in the civil rights movement.  The article is called “The Transgender Tipping Point”.  It is written by Katy Steinmetz who not surprisingly appears to be a Jewess.  She has previously wrote about how pornography isn’t such a bad thing even though the Jew run porn industry is putting out some of the most vile and degenerate filth you could imagine.

Now that the Jews are trying to knock down the transgender barrier we can fully expect them to promote pederasty, incest and animal sex as the future trendy lifestyles of choice.  Once the general public accepts this ridiculous mental disorder they will undoubtedly continue pushing the boundaries of common decency.  There is really no telling how low the Jews will go in their attempts to pervert the natural world.