Jews Against the Gilets Jaunes

Diversity Macht Frei
December 11, 2018

Jews are ramping up the rhetoric against the Gilets Jaunes.

On Friday, we had the Grand Rabbi call on Jews to pray for the French Republic “with a special intensity”.

Macron’s Rothschild pedigree has come up more and more, in public discussion and on the streets.

Well-known counter-Semites have been photographed wearing yellow vests.

And here is brown comedian, Dieudonné, whom the Jews persecuted because he mocked their Holocaust narrative and popularised a gesture, the quenelle, that was claimed to be a reverse Hitler salute.

Bernard-Henri Lévy is a famous Jew in France who has a long-running con going on in which he pretends to be a philosopher and gets away with it because:- (a) hardly anyone can force themselves to ready any of his books to prove definitively that he isn’t one; and (b) they know it wouldn’t matter anyway because BHL’s pals control the media and would just carry on pretending he was a real philosopher even after it had been conclusively shown that he wasn’t. (Which is, in fact, exactly what happened.)

BHL has been gunning hard for the Gilets Jaunes on Twitter and elsewhere, calling them #GiletsBruns [Brown Vests], implying a link with historical fascism.

The mobile gendarmes, the CRS [riot police], the forces of order in general, have today been the ramparts of the Republic against the thugs of the far-right and far-left; against the radicalised #GiletsJaunes.


The Jewish Chronicle and the Union of Jewish Students of France have already declared their hostility to the Gilets Jaunes. Expect to see more Jewish journalists pitching in soon. The battle lines have been drawn. The Jews have picked their side.