Jews Again: Australian PM Compares ISIS to Nazis, Kikes Go Mental

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
September 3, 2015

download (1)It is impossible to please the Jew, as one of their biggest lickspittles, the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott found out.

Having done all he can to suck up to Yidrael, even putting Australia on a footing to join its bogus war in Syria, he transgressed the unspoken rule of the baffling Jew logic when he said ISIS terrorists are worse than Nazis.

How much does a goy have to suck up to a Jew before he stops being treated like a goy?
How much does a goy have to suck up to a Jew before he stops being treated like a goy?

You’d think that’d please the hooknose bastards on both counts, but like Tones, you’d be wrong as the Marxist hobo-blanket The Age reports.

Australia’s peak Jewish group has rounded on Prime Minister Tony Abbott for suggesting Islamic State terrorists are in some ways worse than the Nazis.

Executive Council of Australian Jewry president Robert Goot said Mr Abbott’s comparison of the Islamic State and Nazi Germany was “injudicious and unfortunate”.


Now, Tony is a bit of a ding-a-ling, truth all told, but even he was somewhat flummoxed by the incongruity of the criticism. Thus, he stood firm, as the frothing Rabbis waved their Talmuds and their eyes spun like furious dreidels.

Mr Abbott said: “I stand [by] what I said, not by the interpretation that other people might want to put on it.”
He dismissed suggestions, during the interview on Fairfax radio station 2GB, that his government was attempting to frighten people about Islamic State.

“The Nazis did terrible evil but they had a sufficient sense of shame to try to hide it. These people boast about their evil, this is the extraordinary thing. They act in the way that medieval barbarians acted, only they broadcast it to the world with an effrontery which is hard to credit.”

What’s more the Jews are in cahoots with ISIS, having invented them so that they can draw more goyim into wars on its behalf. But Goot, who is the propaganda chief for Australian kikedom, was not satisfied with this explanation from his dutiful lackey.

“Whilst there is no question that Islamic State is a profoundly evil organisation, the Prime Minister’s comments suggesting that it is in some respects worse than the Nazis were injudicious and unfortunate,” he said.

“The crimes of Islamic State are indeed horrific, but cannot be compared to the systematic round-up of millions of people and their despatch to purpose-built death camps for mass murder.

“There is a fundamental difference between organised acts of terrorism and a genocide systematically implemented by a state as essential policy.”

So what were you thinking, foolish goy? Stupid goy! Shameful goy! It’s that simple. Erm, at least if you’re a Christ Killer. Malcolm Turnbull knows how not to offend Jews in any of the six-million possible ways possible. And that’s because he is the elected member of the electorate that incorporates the most Jewish enclaves in Sydney, so he understands where his bagel is buttered.

"This cat food isn't kosher"
“That’s a German Shepherd! They killed, like, six-million cats!”

 Mr Abbott’s comments stand in stark contrast to frontbench colleague Malcolm Turnbull, who said in July that Islamic State was “not Hitler’s Germany, Tojo’s Japan or Stalin’s Russia” and that “we should be careful not to say or do things which can be seen to add credibility to those delusions”.

Labor leader Bill Shorten distanced himself from any comparison between Islamic State and Nazi Germany.

And of course The Age had its duty to remind readers:

An estimated 60 million people died in World War II, which was triggered when Nazi Germany invaded Poland on September 1, 1939.

Therefore there’s no excuse for you readers ever offending a Jew again! Unless of course you do it on purpose, in which case we’ll shout you a beer!