Jews Accuse Nazis of Being Journalist “Bernie Bernstein”

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 22, 2017

So somebody claiming to be a journalist named Bernie/Lenny Bernstein has been calling people in Alabama who might know Roy Moore. He’s offering them money to accuse the besieged Senate candidate of sexual misconduct.

The incident was apparently reported by a pastor who received one of these calls. Jews are all over it claiming Nazis are trying to make them look bad.

Unlike the Jews who tried to frame us dissidents for the crimes of Israelis (probably the government) during hoaxgate, I won’t jump to conclusions about Bernie/Lenny Bernstein. Nobody knows who he is, much less what his intentions were.

Here is one of many articles on the subject, this one in the Jew York Times. The Jew Jonathan Weisman is accusing “the Right” of being Bernie/Lenny Bernstein, while offering no proof.

New York Times:

Bernie Bernstein pretty much fits the mold of a Jew — at least as the alt-right sees us.

A strange Northeastern accent, somewhere between New York and Boston? Check. Tossing money, but not too much money, around to no good end (remember, we’re rich, but cheap)? Check. Pursuing the agenda of the liberal fake-news media? Check. Riling the worst instincts of the South’s conservative base? Check.

But there was something a little too on the nose, forgive me please, about those robocalls in Alabama from a mythical Washington Post reporter named Bernstein seeking women to dish dirt on Roy Moore, something too “Jewy” to be actually Jewish. And that’s where the rising anti-Semitism of the new white nationalists loses its punch.

He may be Bernie Bernstein; he may be Lenny Bernstein — it’s a little hard to tell from the tape. Regardless, as the Princeton historian Kevin Kruse wrote on Twitter, “Whoever’s behind this is a horrible anti-Semite. I mean, just really bad at being an anti-Semite.”

Last week, voters in Alabama — rocked, befuddled or riled by allegations that Mr. Moore, the Republican nominee for the Senate, sexually assaulted teenage girls — were treated to an electronic “robocall” that intoned, or really whined:

“I’m a reporter for The Washington Post calling to find out if anyone at this address is a female between the ages of 54 to 57 years old, willing to make damaging remarks about candidate Roy Moore for a reward of between $5,000 and $7,000. We will not be fully investigating these claims however we will make a written report.”

I could be charitable and suggest that the name is a play on the Post’s legendary Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein. There really is a Lenny Bernstein at the paper, a health care reporter who most certainly does not share the caller’s voice or penchant for journalistic duplicity. But honestly, I’m more inclined to invoke Occam’s razor: The most logical explanation is usually the right one. Bernie Bernstein is the creation of an anti-Semite — or at least an opportunist appealing to Alabama voters’ willingness to believe the worst about a man named Bernie Bernstein.

Leaving aside the low esteem that many Alabamians hold the national media in, no mainstream outlet is paying women for dirt on Mr. Moore, and no one is promising to publish half-baked uncorroborated allegations. But whoever recorded the call thought voters in deep-red Alabama would swallow such aspersions on the profession of journalism, especially if they came from a Yankee Jew.

So the Washington Post does employ somebody named Lenny Bernstein.

I’m not saying it’s actually him, because again, nobody knows where these calls are originating from. For the record, the Washington Post is denying the call is coming from their staff.

Any poll of 1,000 random Jews would probably get Roy Moore close to 0% support. Any poll about how many Jews respect or like the white people of Alabama would garner a similar result.

Is he seriously suggesting that the Jews who work at the New York Times and Washington Post wouldn’t lower their journalistic “standards” to help the Democrat beat the guy they hate in the Alabama race?

Even if Mr. Bernstein doesn’t work at the Washington Puppy Paper Trainer, how many Bernsteins read and subscribe to it? Could a Bernstein who shares WaPo’s objectives pay a woman to accuse Moore, then “leak it” to the Post? Don’t tell me any of the major Jew papers would hesitate to publish it.

It is possible that Mr. Bernstein is a meme or a practical joke. But if it is, why is it so believable that Jews in media are corrupt lying ideologues?

If Jews are willing to publish a piece insisting that Bernstein is an Alt-Right imposter with 0 evidence, how are we supposed to believe they wouldn’t publish accusations against Moore using the same low and politicized editorial bar?