Jews Accuse Germans of Anti-Semitism for Protesting Child Killing in Palestine

This is a great plan, Jews: just accuse anyone who protests against you leveling people’s homes and killing children of anti-Semitism.

This will work, Jews. Just accuse all detractors of being filled with hatred. Say they are only pretending to care about dead children, and actually they secretly hate you for no reason.

There is nothing that could possibly go wrong if you do that, and it will allow you to keep killing kids forever without any consequences.

Literally the perfect plan.


Germany’s leading Jewish group on Thursday sharply condemned protests in front of a synagogue in the western city of Gelsenkirchen as “pure antisemitism.”

Several other German cities including Berlin, Hamburg and Hannover have seen anti-Israeli protests over the past few days. At least two synagogues were attacked, and several Israeli flags were torn down and burned since the latest eruption of violence in Israel and the Gaza Strip.

The Central Council of Jews in Germany tweeted a video of dozens of protesters in Gelsenkirchen waving Palestinian and Turkish flags and yelling expletives about Jews.

“Jew hatred in the middle of Gelsenkirchen in front of the synagogue. The times in which Jews were cursed in the middle of the street should have long been over. This is pure antisemitism, nothing else!” the group tweeted.


It’s just like the Holocaust when people say you should stop killing all those children for no reason.

Before you complain about this or any of the much worse photos I won’t show: you need to think long and hard about the suffering the Jews went through during World War II, and then just shut up because you’re an anti-Semite.

It will especially help to make Jews more popular if the German government hunts down and arrests anyone who complains about them murdering children.

The German government repeatedly condemned anti-Israeli and antisemitic attacks earlier this week and said that “the perpetrators must be found and held responsible and Jewish institutions must be protected thoroughly.”

On Thursday, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas told Funke Media Group that “there must be zero tolerance for attacks on synagogues in our country.”

“All of us are called on to make it very clear that we do not accept if Jews in Germany are made responsible for the events in the Middle East — neither in the streets nor on social media,” Maas added.

The protests in Gelsenkirchen on Wednesday were dispersed by police, German news agency dpa reported, but authorities reported further incidents in other parts of the country.

Some cities which had hoisted Israeli flags in front of their city halls on Wednesday in remembrance of the start of German-Israeli diplomatic relations on May 12, 1965, reported that the flags were torn down and sometimes burned.

An Israeli flag in front of a city hall in the western town of Solingen was torn and burnt and two Israeli flags in Berlin were also torn down late Wednesday night.

The government and the Jew media can try to equate protests with “attacks on synagogues,” but they might find that this doesn’t really work very well after an extended year-long worldwide protest movement where the media claimed that violence can never discredit “peaceful protesters.”

This is not 2014 anymore. Over the last 5 years, we’ve all been subjected to an intense media indoctrination program claiming that there is nothing more important on earth than brown people.

Now, the Jews are deciding they want to go in and murder a bunch of brown people, and they think they can use memes calling people who oppose them “racists”?

It’s a really hard sell.

Of course, they have the entire establishment behind them, including all Western governments and the internet censorship machine. So we’ll see how they do. But I think they’re going to have a pretty hard time garnering sympathy.

Ultimately, it doesn’t mean much. No protest is going to result in Israel stopping their bloodlust murder frenzy against the Arabs. However, it may result in people generally growing to loath the Jews. It may open people up to discussing this issue a bit more frankly.

The claim made by governments that synagogues that fly the Israeli flag are somehow not representative of Israel is a good lie to crush. All Jews who are not actively opposed to Israel are supporters of Israel. All of them can claim citizenship whenever they want to claim citizenship, meaning that even if they are not dual citizens, they can become dual citizens whenever they want, so they de facto already are.

Among other things, in this new war I’m seeing a lot of Asians on searches through Twitter.

I guess maybe that is just a Chinese operation, spreading anti-Israel stuff in Asia, but either way it’s interesting.

Just opening up discussion about the Jewish problem is always a good thing.

Adolf Hitler never killed any babies.