Jews Accidentally Prove Systematic Cover-Up of Immigrant Rapes in Germany

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 7, 2018

Sigh. Breitbart. Bless their little hearts. Still fantasizing about how they’ll get “good Jews” on their side if they say “look, they’re raping you too!” 

Well, well, well.

We already knew that Merkel orders the media not to report on certain immigrant crimes – such as cutting off a baby’s head. But there has been a long-running “theory” – really just a “technically unconfirmed fact” – that German police have been ordered not only to not report rapes and other crimes, but to not prosecute them.

Then, a Jewish girl got rape-murdered, and instinctively, the Jews flipped out and blamed the goyim for the crime of one of their own pets. Rape-murders are happening regularly that do slip into the media, but this one was a massive story because the victim was Jewish.

Because this story got so much focus – because the Jews made it a focus – we are now seeing that police APPARENTLY took reports of other rapes by the same Middle Eastern Gentleman – of an 11-year-old goy girl – and did not attempt to arrest or prosecute him over it.


Iraqi asylum seeker Ali Bashar, who allegedly raped and murdered 14-year-old German-Jewish teen Susanna Maria Feldman, has also been accused of the multiple rapes of an 11-year-old girl.

Bashar, 21, along with a 14-year-old Afghan migrant named Mansoor, is said to have brutally raped an 11-year-old girl several times since March, German tabloid Bild reports.

According to police sources, Bashar allegedly first raped the 11-year-old in March. She is said to have been raped by Mansoor in April, and then in May the pair, and possibly Bashar’s 13-year-old brother, raped her once more. Police were tipped off after the victim came forward.

Following the claims, 21-year-old Mansoor was placed into police custody, but the 13-year-old brother could not be charged because he is in the Middle East.

The Afghan had already become known to police because he helped them find the body of 14-year-old Susanna Feldman after Ali Bashar had fled the country back to his native Iraq, where he was later captured outside of Erbil by Kurdish forces and returned to Germany.

So she was first raped in MARCH, and we are to believe that she didn’t report it until June? Coincidentally, after the high-profile JEW murder-rape?

Note that they do not say when the police were “tipped off.”

I am fairly certain that if the girl was going to report it at all, she would have reported it after it happened. Certainly after it happened the third time. There is no feasible explanation as to why she would have waited to be raped THREE TIMES over a period of THREE MONTHS and then all of the sudden decided to report it, coincidentally in the middle of this massive media storm around the dead Jew involving the same guy.

Let’s use Occam’s Razor here. 

What makes much more sense is that there was scrutiny on this guy after he killed a JEW, so whatever paperwork was filed when the 11-year-old reported the rape was viewed by someone who wouldn’t normally have had access to it, and they said “there’s some mistake here, this person should have been arrested for repeatedly gang-raping this 11-year-old.”

We saw Cologne on New Year’s 2016. We saw that it took a week for it to be reported that women were groped and stripped naked in mass, and that several of them were gang-raped, right there in public. It took a week because the government ordered the police to cover it up, but with so many girls having been attacked, some of them came forward to the international media.

No police came forward with guilty consciences and admitted to the cover-up, even though hundreds of them would have had to have known about what happened, demonstrating that the police will side with immigrant attackers against German women.

The police have continued to refuse to release footage of the event, and no one has ever been prosecuted for the cover-up, because it was ordered by Merkel herself.

So we have all just assumed that it is now just routine for the police to cover up sexual assault and other violent crimes by these vibrant New Europeans.

Only two men were ever convicted after an estimated 1,200 assaults on that day, by the way.

Furthermore, the statistics also don’t make any sense. Almost all of the rapes that do make the media are murder-rapes, and most rapes do not end in murder. What makes sense is that murder is effectively impossible to cover up (even in the incident where the immigrant killed his wife and baby, the media was allowed to report the murder of the wife, just not the decapitation murder of the infant), whereas if a girl comes to you and reports a rape, you can just tell her “okay, sure, we’ll look into it” and send her on her way.

So though it is not being explicitly stated, I believe that it is more than safe to assume that this 11-year-old girl and thousands of other German girls over the last three years have reported rapes and the police have simply not investigated. And then you have the fact that many or most German girls are so brainwashed that they won’t report a rape by an immigrant because they want to protect the immigrant community. And if they are raping little children – 12 and under – those children are much, much less likely to report it, because they don’t really understand it, and are easily threatened.

In short: I believe that there are possibly dozens of rapes happening every day in Merkel’s New Germany, and that virtually none of them are being reported.

That is to say: Angela Merkel is responsible for the largest systematic sexual abuse scandal in all of human history.

In my opinion, the government of Germany is no longer legitimate, or even anything close to legitimate, and it has become the moral duty of the international community to isolate the nation and anyone linked to it from the rest of the world, so that whatever disease it is that these people have not be allowed to spread.