Jewropean Court of Jewstice Says It’s Illegal to Not be Invaded

Daily Stormer
April 3, 2020

Don’t worry goyim, (((human rights))) will make sure your window is open

I have no idea why all these institutions have “European” in their name, since none of them seem to ever do anything other than to try and destroy Europe.

Deutsche Welle:

Poland and Hungary and the Czech Republic acted illegally by refusing to accept refugees during the 2015 migrant crisis, the European Court of Justice ruled on Thursday.

The Eastern European states refused to accept a plan by EU interior ministers in September 2015 to redistribute asylum seekers from Italy and Greece within the bloc.

By ignoring the decision, the court ruled that they “failed to fulfill their obligations under European Union law.”

More than 1 million refugees and migrants crossed into Europe at the height of the crisis. Around 160,000 of them were meant to be distributed among other member states according to a quota system.

However, because Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic did not abide by the ruling, only about 40,000 refugees were relocated.

The three countries took in almost none over the two years the scheme was in operation.

And they’re all much better for it.

When was the last time Poland had a terrorist attack?

Or any of these other countries that hasn’t let Moslems in?

They had argued that EU countries alone are responsible for ensuring public safety and not the European Commission, which drew up the quota scheme and began legal proceedings against them in December 2017.

But in the court’s view, law and order and internal security concerns weren’t severe enough to refuse to accept the refugees.

Editor’s note: Funny story, earlier today DW changed that bit to “refuse to accept displaced people.” Because they’re not refugees, and I guess someone has a conscience about that (or they changed the editorial line on the term in Germany because they were being called fake news). A person is only a refugee when they are fleeing an unsafe area to a safe area. These people are not seeking safety but wealth and comfort. Turkey has massive safe refugee camps if they really can’t live in Syria, which all of them passed through before coming to Europe.

Although the court didn’t issue fines on Thursday, the Commission considers that the countries are still not meeting their obligations, and can bring the case to the Court again and apply for financial sanctions.

The failure of EU states to share the burden of the migrant influx sparked off the EU’s biggest political crises. The issue of immigration then became a major vote-winner for far-right parties.

Ah yes, the worst problem of your country being invaded – not the terrorist attacks, the social decay, the economic losses, the crime, but the fact that mean-thinking people may win elections.

Because, as we all know, elections aren’t real if meanthinkers win them.

Because meanthinkers do bad things, like not let their people become stateless in their own country.

And we can’t have any of that…

Reminder: the country that owns this propaganda outlet is literally the richest in the world, and they only took in 42 rapefugees