Jewnited Nations Barking at Italy Again

Daily Stormer
August 12, 2019

If I were Salvini, I’d start taxing the Catholic Church

Has this institution ever done or even said anything in favor of White people?

Even by accident?


The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has condemned the new migrant decree enacted by Italy saying it is concerned about the much heavier fines for migrant transport NGOs.

The UNHCR responded to the decree, which was passed into law earlier this week, defending the migrant transport NGOs for picking up migrants off the coast of Libya, L’Express reports.

“Imposing fines or other penalties on commanders may deter or prevent private vessels from conducting rescue activities at a time when European states have virtually withdrawn from rescue efforts in the central Mediterranean,” the agency said.

The new decree, which was drafted by populist Italian interior minister Matteo Salvini, sees fines for vessels entering Italian waters without permission increase to penalties of up to one million euros from the previous fine limit of 50,000 euros.

That’s the point, you idiots.

Those monkeys don’t belong in Europe at all, there’s no reason for them to be “rescued.”

Praising the migrant transport NGOs, the UNHCR said: “The commitment and humanity that motivates them should not be criminalised or stigmatised.”

The UNHCR is not the only organisation to speak out against the new decree. The European Commission has stated that it was also concerned with the new laws and a spokesman said the Commission would be examining the laws to “verify its compatibility with European law”.

The UNHCR is currently being run by an Italian named Filippo Grandi.

This is standard procedure for these (((globalist))) institutions – when they see a country straying from the multicultural buttsex utopia they’re pushing, they start naming shabbos goyim from said country in order to, on the one hand appeal to the more provincialist portions of the population, and on the other hand to give the illusion that the country is not a satrapy run by Jews.

This is the same reason why Donald Tusk – who once compared himself to Jews because he’s of a Slavic minority that is slightly different from the rest of the Polaks – was made president of the European Council back in 2014, when they saw Poland was leaning towards the Law and Justice party.

The anti-mass migration policies of Matteo Salvini have led to a dramatic reduction in the number of migrants entering Italy illegally and have also contributed to a decline in the number of drowning deaths.

That latter part is rather unfortunate, but nobody’s perfect.

Salvini’s policies have also been highly popular with Italian voters as his League party has soared in the polls since they formed a coalition government with the populist Five Star Movement last year.

While the League managed to climb in the polls, the Five Stars declined and recent conflicts between the two have led to a government crisis.

So people are actually supportive of politicians who follow their interests.

Shocking, isn’t it?

It’s like these spaghetti niggers don’t understand what democracy is really about.