Jewnited Kikedom Tapped President Trump!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 17, 2017

It has been revealed that the Jewnited Kikedom AKA Cuck Island tapped the phones of OUR GLORIOUS LEADER President Donald J. Trump.

I should have figured that limey snakes were behind this particular conspiracy – because scratch any Jew and you will find a Brit.


The US has agreed not to repeat claims the UK’s communications intelligence agency wiretapped Donald Trump during the presidential election campaign.

GCHQ rejected allegations made by White House press secretary Sean Spicer, that it spied on Mr Trump, as “nonsense”.

I’ll show you nonsense, faggot.

I’ll show you a whole bloody heap of nonsense, right-o.

No. 10 has been assured by Mr Spicer he would not repeat the accusation.

A spokesman for Prime Minister Theresa May said it had been made clear to US authorities the claims were “ridiculous and should have been ignored”.

GCHQ also rejected the allegations as “utterly ridiculous”. The unusual move by the agency to comment on the news came after Mr Spicer cited claims first made on US TV channel Fox News earlier this week.

Mr Trump said Trump Tower in New York was under surveillance, but has provided no evidence for the claim.

The allegations of GCHQ involvement were initially made by former judge Andrew Napolitano.

Mr Spicer quoted Mr Napolitano as saying: “Three intelligence sources have informed Fox News that President Obama went outside the chain of command.”

The British, in my experience, are a rats nest of snakes.

I would not trust them as far as I could throw a snake.

In fact, I could throw a snake pretty far. I imagine if you throw a snake, it spins around like a bola, and goes pretty bloody far, mate.

So like, I wouldn’t trust a British person further than I could throw a fat American woman.

Definitely less than 3 feet.

I trust British less than three feet.

We should invade their country.

Seriously though, British readers: this is Obama running your country. I’m not really blaming you. Except for blaming you for allowing some random Chicago nigger to set your governments policy. That’s friggin nuts.