Jewkrainians Plan to Ethnically Cleanse Russians by Importing Turks

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 23, 2015

All government is pure Jew
All government is pure Jew

The Jew-run Ukraine is going for a team-up with the Turks, presenting a plot to ethnically cleanse pro-Russian areas by importing Islamic terrorists.

It is incredible the way the lowest genetic waste will align together.


Kherson region should be resettled with Crimean Tatars, to dilute the local pro-Russian population, said on “Radio Svoboda” the people’s deputy of Ukraine, ex-leader of Crimean Tatar Mejlis, Mustafa Dzhemilev.

According to him, this was discussed during his meeting with President of Turkey Recep Erdogan. Dzhemilev noted that he wants to concentrate the Crimean Tatars leaving the peninsula in one place, and for that they must be provided with housing.

“They go to Western regions of Ukraine and spread throughout Ukraine. It’s not in our interests – we would like them to preserve their national identity, the language environment, and want them to concentrate in Kherson region, closer to Crimea, to make it easier to return.

And, then, we are interested in strengthening the Ukrainian presence in Kherson region. There are too many ‘vatniki’ [‘quilted jackets’ – Russians]. Even the authorities keep these “two-headed chickens” in case the Russians come.

“I told [Erdogan about the need to create conditions for them, modular homes… I think the land will be provided for this. Well, and besides, we’re going to station our battalion there,” said Dzhemilev.

This is not the first time the New Ukraine has sought to align itself with Moslems.

When the Russian intervention in Syria first began, a Ukrainian official, Anton Gerashchenko, came out and said Ukrainians need to help ISIS identify Russian pilots so they can kill them “in accordance with Sharia law.”

The new Nazis: completely Jew
The new Nazis: completely Jew

In November, following the shootdown of a Russian jet by the Turks, an official came out and said he would like to send Azov terrorists into Syria to help ISIS.