Jewkraine Claims Germany Owes It Like It Owes Jews Israel

This kind of bold statement can only be made because the (still illegitimate) revolutionary government of the Ukraine is run by Jews.

If the Ukraine were not run by Jews, you’d have an army of Jewish advocacy groups showing up saying you can’t ever compare anything that anyone owes anyone to what Germany owes Israel.


Germany has a moral responsibility for the future of Ukraine and is therefore obliged to sell Kiev arms so the country can defend itself against purported Russian aggression, its ambassador to Berlin has claimed.

Speaking as part of an interview with Funke media group published on Monday, Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andrey Melnik said, “we call on the [German] government to abandon its current position, which from the point of view of morality is absolutely unnecessary, and urgently provide Ukraine with the necessary defensive weapons. We have the right to self-defense.

At present, Berlin does not supply arms to countries where there are military conflicts. The Eastern European nation has seen bloody internal fighting since the 2014 Maidan, which saw the government toppled by violent street protests, with clashes escalating in the Donbass region in recent months.

Melnik said the government’s refusal to provide arms “is causing great discontent in Ukrainian society and could have serious consequences for bilateral relations.”

According to the ambassador, Germany bears the same responsibility to Ukraine as it has to Israel, due to the country’s actions in WWII, and urged Berlin to “work more actively” on Kiev’s hopes to ascend into the EU and NATO.

That of course doesn’t make sense, because Ukraine sided with Germany in the war, and still has parades celebrating that fact.

The good news is: Israel can just take the global welfare they get from the entire world – including Germany and the United States – and send weapons directly to their neo-Nazi terrorist groups in the Ukraine.

In fact, they are already doing that!

Israel has been dumping shipments of weapons on Ukrainian neo-Nazis fighting against Russian separatists for years now.

It’s kind of the funniest thing ever to watch a neo-Nazi video (with all of those super-edgy Atomwaffen style graphics) explaining how to use the weapons that were just delivered to them by Israeli Jews.

People are sometimes surprised that the Jews would be arming neo-Nazi groups. But it’s not any different really than the Jews effectively running ISIS, a group which is obviously also ostensibly anti-Jewish.

In real life, there are retards on web forums claiming that they are Trve Aryans and they support Azov against Russia. I used to think these people were just all JIDF shills, but then I started thinking about the Arabs that supported ISIS, despite all of the information that was published about the support they were getting from Israel, and realized that actually, most people are just really, really stupid.

To be fair, the world has gotten kind of confusing for most people. Especially the people who are unfortunate enough not to read my website daily.

That said: people really are stupid.

Like, much stupider than you probably understand.

Of course, because of the chaos in the world, we now have this intersection between stupidity and psychosis, which sums up the coronavirus situation. And the coronavirus situation is really the defining situation around which all other situations are now formed.

You can try to parse out the levels of stupidity vs the levels of psychosis if you want, but I wouldn’t bother. It doesn’t really matter.

Back to that original issue – Germany obviously doesn’t want this war with Russia. They just want to buy gas to keep their millions of Islamic gang-rapists cozy through the winter.

But of course, Germany is a vassal state of the United States, still totally occupied by the US military. Which is also the reason they have all of those Moslems they need to keep warm and cozy in the first place, actually.

Who knows what’s going to happen. I don’t know. Washington is totally fixated on upping the ante and starting a war, but they really just don’t seem to be able to get it going. It’s like a rapist ripping a woman’s clothing off, holding the knife to her throat, and then not being able to get an erection.

We shall see.


Shall we indeed see.