Jewish Washerwoman-Shultz Says Jeh Johnson’s Entire Testimony was a Lie

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 23, 2017

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has gone on CNN and accused Jeh Johnson of lying under oath about his interactions with the DNC.

She says she was never, ever warned by the Feds that there were attempts at intrusions on the DNC server.

This has all reached maximum bizarreness.

Why would an Obama official perjure himself in order to harm the Democratic Party and help Donald Trump?

She doesn’t actually say “lying” or “dishonest” or any other trigger word, but says he’s “wrong,” which is the exact same thing as accusing him of lying. I mean, obviously he was seriously coached before giving this testimony, and knew that everything he said would be checked. The fact that he contacted the DNC and warned them of potential intrusions would absolutely be documented, heavily.

So for Debbie to go on and just be like “no he’s just making that up” is full-on crazy.

I have no idea why the Democrats are even letting Debbie on TV – or why CNN, which is effectively (or literally) the media arm of the Democrat Party, would want her on – after what she got caught doing to Bernie, and how she was forced to resign.

But I mean, at this point, documentation showing that the feds contacted the DNC is going to be presented – probably publicly – so for her to just be like “no this is fake” – apparently for the sole purpose of defending her own ego – shows that this party is in a state of cartoonish disarray.

Again, we mourn that the GOP is so disgusting, because in this position they are in right now, they could easily transform American “democracy” into a one-party system.

Here’s the full Jeh testimony, for anyone who cares.

I never watched the whole thing, but read the parts of the transcript that were relevant, and he makes it very clear that Debbie would have known about the intrusion.

The only possible excuse at this point is that the DNC is so utterly incompetent that they failed to communicate to their leader the warnings of DHS. Which is effectively impossible.

Most likely what happened was that Debbie didn’t really understand what that meant and just dismissed it.

All this having been said, the fact that someone would be attempting to penetrate their server is not at all strange. Of course, lots of governments and even private groups have people who do this as routine.

What is strange is the disregard for security.

Also strange – as I tell the world every single day – is that while they admit there was virtually no security on the server, to the point where anyone with even basic skills could hack it if they wanted to (including teenagers or Trump’s 300-pound guy in his bed), they insist that it must be Russia. They insist this on the assertion of the private company CrowdStrike which has sense retracted the claim.

This is all completely outrageous, to the point where I start to feel insane writing about it.

I don’t know if that is a purposeful strategy or not. It might well be, but probably isn’t. But the fact is, anyone who looks at this whole situation seriously starts to feel crazy, because it seems so impossible that this is all really what’s happening.

I think that causes a lot of intelligent people to short of shut off, and be unable to confront it.

Like what Trump said this morning about Mueller – the “independent” investigator who was a Clinton support – lining his investigation team with Clinton donors and actual members of the Clinton team:

“It’s really pretty ridiculous, to be honest with you.”

Regardless: the whole Russian kookspiracy is on the verge of imploding in on itself, and a whole bunch of these people who tied themselves to it are going to go down with it. I hope some of them end up in prison. Jimmy Boy probably will.


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