Jewish Tribal Lawyer Apologizes for Calling Black Skin “Cosmetic”

This guy is Jewish and his last name is “Tribe.” His website is called “Tribe Law.”

That has always been so funny to me.

Fox News:

Harvard Law School professor Laurence Tribe, a fierce critic of President Trump, apologized Monday after he said Joe Biden should select Sen. Elizabeth Warren as his running mate instead of selecting a candidate based on “cosmetics.”

Tribe was among a large group of liberal activists, more than 100 in all, who signed a letter urging Biden to select Warren as his running mate. The letter, which was sent to the Biden campaign last Friday, claimed Warren was the most prepared for the job. However, many Democrats still have hoped that Biden would select a black woman for the role, such as Sen. Kamala Harris of California, former national security adviser Susan Rice or Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms.

Tribe told the Washington Post there would be “symbolic ways in which some people would be disappointed” if Biden chose Warren – but was adamant that she would be the correct choice.

“I think African-Americans above all would be the first to say they are more interested in results than cosmetics,” Tribe told the Post when asked about the letter.

People got mad.

He quickly apologized for his rude awakening.

Black skin is cosmetic… let’s think this through.

I was told that race is “the color of the skin,” period. I was told there were no other differences, at all, between the races. I was told that there was literally some kind of miracle that caused races to look completely different but to have no other biological differences at all, specifically in intelligence or aptitude for violence.

I’m quite certain I was told that, precisely, by the Jews.

Would that then be the definition of “cosmetic”?

Yes, in fact it is the exact definition.

These narratives change all the time of course and new ways of thinking pop up without any explanation. It’s very hard to keep track of, and if you don’t keep track of it, the results could mean having your career and your life completely destroyed.

My life is already completely destroyed, so I don’t care to keep up with all the latest updates.

But I am interested here: if race is no longer superficial, surface, skin-deep and outward, then what is it?

Are there some kind of… underlying biological differences, that result in completely different temperaments and ways of viewing the world?

Is there some Jew who would kindly elaborate on this?