Tone Policeman Gavin McInnes Attacks Nazis, Tells People to Listen to 80s Punk Music

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 10, 2017

The used-up drug-addict and cucked-out twerp Gavin McInnes, who is famous for sticking a dildo up his ass on TV, has once again attacked the Nazi movement on the Jew-run YouTube channel, Rebel Media.

The dumb, old, Jew-sucking bastard came out dressed in a punk rock Halloween costume – which I guess he thinks is edgy, just like he thinks sex jokes are edgy – and said the right needs unity – except that they need to attack the Nazis, because we have to stop anti-Semitism because… because he works for Jews.

There is no other reason you would say “oh we’re totally classical liberals, man, we’re open to anything – except talking about Jews. That is one toke over the line, maaaaaaannnnnn.”

It doesn’t make sense from any other angle. If we want to be totally open to everything, let’s be totally open to everything and talk about these kikes.

But no.

McInnes will encourage kids to do heroin and listen to punk rock, while he sticks a dildo up his ass and makes out with men, but the Jews?

Gtfo m8, talking about Jews is pure evil.

You just can’t do it, m8. It’s too far.

Because of the holocaust, m8.

They gassed em. Gassed all sixty trillion of them.

So for all of eternity now, they can never be criticized or even mentioned.

The question is:

Who is this supposed to appeal to?

No one likes being tone policed. Even people who don’t hate the Jews get angry about this.

These people would be so much better off just shutting up. If they love the Jews, fine – but attacking people and trying to silence them is insane. And they know this. McCuck, Watstein, Thernovich, Gangly Lesbo, Bill Mitchell – they all know this.

But they are beholden to the Jews. So they do what Jews tell them to.

Rather than watching the above video, watch Beardson’s video. It’s better.