Jewish Sports Announcer Al Michaels Condemned for Inappropriate Harvey Weinstein Joke

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 16, 2017

How dare this Jew make a joke about a current event?

Did he not get the memo? 

Fox News:

NBC’s NFL announcer Al Michaels on Sunday compared the New York Giants’ injury-prone season to Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment and rape allegations, prompting a social media backlash and forcing him to apologize later.

“I mean, let’s face it. The Giants are coming off a worse week than Harvey Weinstein and they’re up 14 points,” the veteran broadcaster said, prompting laughter from fellow commentator Cris Collinsworth.

“Only my L.A. guy comes up with that one,” said Collinsworth, to which Michaels responded: “All you have to do is read the papers — any paper.”

Michaels made the comments during the third quarter of a game between Giants and Broncos on Sunday.

“Al Michaels is probably the best play-by-play guy in history. But boy… that was a big, big lapse in judgment,” tweeted Doug Farrar‏.

Later in the broadcast Michaels apologized for the remark, saying the joke was “not meant in that manner … so my apologies.” Collinsworth responded to his colleague saying “move on.”

They’re jumping all over this Jew. It’s all through the media.

They also jumped on a couple other Jews who made Weinstein jokes. Right after the story broke, SNL cut entire segments about it and just had a blackout on the story.

Tough to know what is happening with that. Is it the outrage machine that is saying “YOU CAN’T MAKE A JOKE ABOUT PROSTITUTION BECAUSE IT IS ACTUALLY RAPE NOW”? Or is it Jews not wanting joking about a Jewish pervert to become a running thing?

It could be both factors.

Not sure.

But this “YOU CAN’T JOKE ABOUT HARVEY” thing is definitely a thing.

Unless you’re the Daily Stormer.

I think this is funny as hell.

The funniest part is the whores themselves coming out and saying “yeah I whored myself out to this guy, let’s lynch him LOL.”

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