Jewish Mass-Murderer Pied in the Face in Serbia

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
May 11, 2017

The “French” Jewish international war criminal, Bernard-Henri Levy, is one of the most powerful people in Europe. Despite having never served in any kind of political office, he was close to the (((Nicolas Sarkozy))) regime and others before it. Levy’s last adventure was masterminding the French intervention that helped depose Qaddaffi and open the flood gates of mass African migration from Libya to Europe. He is also an advocate for Western support for ISIS and overthrowing Assad.

Some Serbs recently threw a pie at him. Mild retaliation for this Zionist’s role in killing thousands of people during the Kosovo War.

It seems that everyone throws pies at him. Here is another video of Levy getting nailed in Belgium.

The trend goes all the way back to 1985.

Here’s a compilation of all the times this has happened.

Silly and impotent, if you ask me.

BHL is among the top “intellectuals” behind every war you can think of, and one of the main forces responsible for Europe’s current immigration crisis. Thanks to this Jew, Western civilization may not even survive to the next century. When Voltaire spoke of Jews being a danger to mankind, he had demons like this in mind.

Hitting someone with a pie is intended to humiliate the recipient. But what is the point when the target is incapable of shame?

Some of the attackers are the increasingly scarce brand of Leftist that opposes war – a fair cause. But notice how restrained they are, choosing zaniness when dealing with powerful Jews who engender global misery, while having unleashing all kinds of senseless brutality against working class patriots who love their country (“Nazis”).

The left is controlled opposition. And us nationalists? We must work tirelessly to take power as soon as possible. We must ensure people like Levy face justice before they die, the legal way.