Jewish Secretary of State Falsely Refers to Taiwan as “A Country”

I wish all those Republicans who said that Joe Biden was secretly working for China would apologize, or at least cease continuing to make this claim.

The Biden neocons are escalating tensions with China, just like they’re escalating tensions with every other country on earth.

Taiwan News:

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Wednesday (March 10) referred to Taiwan as a country, a label usually avoided by his predecessors.

At the tail end of a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on the Biden administration’s foreign policy agenda, Representative Young Kim (R-CA) noted that Taiwan has served for decades as an “invaluable security and global health partner to the United States.” She pointed out that given Taiwan’s contributions to the international community and its “strong democratic system,” it has earned “a seat at the table like the WHO to share its expertise.”

Kim then called on the Biden administration to include Taiwan in the upcoming Democracy Summit and to commence talks with it on a free trade agreement. Blinken responded that he is “absolutely committed” to her suggestions and that he shares her view that “Taiwan is a strong democracy” and “a very strong technological power.”

He went on to say that Taiwan is “a country that can contribute to the world, not just its own people. COVID is a very good example of that.” Young agreed with the diplomat’s remarks.

Blinken’s use of the term “country” could mark a new stage in Taiwan-US relations. Since the U.S. severed diplomatic relations with Taiwan under the Carter administration in 1979, the State Department self-imposed increasing layers of restrictions on official interactions with Taiwan for fear of agitating China.

Anthony Blinken is Jewish and he is a globalist, and he has plans for war with China.

I see Tucker Carlson out there talking about “oh, the Biden people won’t talk about China” – but they’re talking about China all the time, they’re constantly making threats, they’re moving battleships into Chinese waters.

Short of lobbing nukes, I don’t really know how it would be possible to get any more aggressive with China.

How does this benefit Americans?

What does anal sex in Taiwan have to do with my life?