Jewish Rosanna Arquette’s Jewish Sister Condemns White People

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 9, 2019

After claiming whites are evil, Jewish Rosanna Arquette locked her Twitter and claimed the FBI told her to do it.

The Wrap:

Actress Rosanna Arquette said Thursday the FBI advised her to make her Twitter account private after online critics lambasted her on Wednesday for tweeting that she was ashamed of being “white and privileged.”

Arquette, in an exclusive response to TheWrap, expanded on her comments and explained why she is now hiding tweets from anyone that is not among her 90,000 followers. “Yes I’m locked to protect myself — I was told by FBI to lock it up,” she said, declining to expand to requests for more detail on the FBI’s role in her decision.

Several reps for the FBI did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment. A Twitter rep did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment on if any users had been punished for comments directed at Arquette.

In her statement to TheWrap, Arquette detailed the “threatening and cruel” online response to her Wednesday tweet.

There are toxic and very vicious people on social media. Threatening and cruel,” Arquette said. “I said yesterday the I am ashamed of the color of my skin. I am privileged just because I’m white. I feel shame. Because of all the violence that is happening in America and other racist countries.”

Bitch, “dehumanization” is one of the steps you Jews claim in your “ladder to genocide” propaganda.

Obviously, a nonwhite going out and attacking white people while claiming to be white is a form of purposeful dehumanization. No one can deny that with a straight face.

So, yes: that is going to make white people angry.

Don’t be surprised that they would get toxic, vicious and cruel – although I would need to see proof of the “threatening,” because somehow, these alleged “internet threats” never manifest in the form of links or screenshots.

Shockingly, after Jewish Rosanna Arquette locked her account, Jewish Rosanna Arquette’s Jewish sister, Patricia Arquette, went out and started condemning white people in Donald Trump’s mentions.

Just imagine if I pretended to be Jewish, and everyone knew I wasn’t Jewish because it was in my Wikipedia page that I wasn’t Jewish, but I went out and tweeted things like this about Jews.

I know that Jews would crack down on me for doing that. Because they cracked down on me for doing that without even doing the part where I pretend I’m Jewish while talking about the evil of Jews. Which makes it a whole lot more devious.

Furthermore, Jews are brutal and actually have abused us. The only thing whites ever did to American blacks was make them the wealthiest black people on earth.

Blacks in Africa:

Blacks in America:

Furthermore, Patricia Arquette looks like shit now.

She used to be one of the best-looking kikes in Kikeville.

So basically, in conclusion: