Cyprus: Accused Jews Share Video Showing Blonde British Teenager Lied About Rape, Charges Dropped

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
July 31, 2019

Some Jews from the Jewish rape gang

The lawyer of the British woman who was recently arrested after accusing 12 Jews of gang-raping her in Cyprus says that the spreading of videos of her having sex with Jews is a bigger offence than the charges she’s facing for allegedly falsely accusing 12 Jews of rape.

I agree.

Videos of white women having sex with Jews are indisputably worse for the planet than white women falsely accusing Jews of anything.

Daily Mail:

Rape charges against Israeli teenagers were dropped by police after footage showing the British woman who made the allegations ‘asking for the door to be closed’, one of the men claimed.

The 19-year-old British woman told police she was gang-raped by the 12 men in Cyprus before changing her story to say she was upset when three of them filmed her during consensual sex.

She later insisted she is the victim after video of the sexual encounter was circulated online.

One of the freed 12 boys told of his delight at being released – and insisted she had consented to sex.

Yisrael David told reporters as he landed back in Israel that she had agreed to sex with him and several others after a night of wild partying in Ayia Napa.

The woman, who is not being named, has since withdrawn her claim of rape and is facing charges in Cyprus of public mischief amid claims she made up the sex attack.

Aren’t women supposedly able to withdraw consent at any time? That’s what we’re told on a regular basis here in the West. Besides, even if they had consensual sex and there is video evidence of that consent, they could have still raped her after that.

A video was made of the alleged attack in which the woman was said to have been filmed smiling while having sex with one of the men – in footage that has since been widely circulated.

Her lawyer Andreas Pittadjis said spreading the video was a bigger offence than the charge the British teenager is facing.

But Yisrael, one of those accused of gang-rape, said she had agreed to group sex and the videos shown to police in Cyprus had proved their innocence.

‘In none of them [the clips] does she look like she’s suffering or shouting for help,’ he said in an interview with Israel’s Channel 12.

‘The police saw a tape in which you can see that the door is being opened and instead of yelling for help and saying she was raped, she says ‘close the door.’ A woman who is being raped doesn’t say that.’

Describing the incident, Yisrael said: ‘I was in the room, yes.… That evening we saw our friends whom we met there with the woman.

‘We went up to her room, 723, and we were with her there in the room. You saw the videos. We were three in the room and there were more people outside who wanted to come in, who came in, and went out.

‘They didn’t actually do anything but they did see and were part of everything that went on there.’

Andreas Pittadjis, the lawyer who is representing the teenager, demanded to know who had leaked the video as she appeared in court Tuesday charged with public nuisance, for which she now faces a year in jail.

Speaking outside court, he said: ‘The offence my client is accused of is not considered to be one of the most serious offences in our criminal system.

‘The fact that the video of my client appears to have gone around the world is a much more serious offence.

I want to know who leaked this video and why?

‘This sort of crime is punishable by more than a year in prison. Someone should investigate – both here and in Israel.’

Yeah, who could have leaked the videos? AND WHY?

The mysteries of our time.

It’s easy to find one of the videos online.

In the video from the above screenshot, one of the Jews laughs and giggles as he shows goyim men how God’s Chosen People rule over goyim women too.

Although not shown in the clip, it’s clear from her red ass that she was spanked profusely.

This is the current state of white women. They are getting spanked in orgies with Jews in random countries all around the world. It’s why they travel.

You know who are the real rape victims here?

White men.

White men who didn’t consent to their women getting fucked and ruined by foreigners yet are lost in inaction after being brainwashed into absurd tolerance.

There’s just something about seeing Jews giggling and laughing as they show you how they fuck a white blonde teenage woman that should make your blood boil.

If we don’t dominate our women, they will look for domination elsewhere.