Jewish Press Continues to Humanize Pedophiles

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 28, 2013

The Toronto Star this week published an article further pushing the Jew agenda to humanize pedophiles as victims of biology.  We are told that it is a biological issue, based on the existing brain scan voodoo science.

Is pedophilia a sexual orientation? | Toronto Star
Jew or not Jew? I’m gonna guess he’s a Jew. Can’t confirm that though.

They are literally bringing out individuals to interview who identify as pedophiles who don’t act on their desire to have sex with little kids.

From the article:

Ethan Edwards has always loved little girls.

For years, he told himself his feelings were protective and loving, nothing more. But when he hit 50, he found he couldn’t stifle his desires any longer.

“I realized that young girls certainly took my breath away, more than grown-ups are usually charmed by kids,” he says.

Edwards, using a pseudonym, wrote about this realization on Virtuous Pedophiles, a website he co-founded for pedophiles who have never molested children. The group says their attraction is one they were born with and cannot change, but can control.

Edwards says the goal of Virtuous Pedophiles is to prevent child abuse, by reducing the stigma against non-offender pedophiles.

“We do not choose to be attracted to children, and we cannot make that attraction go away,” reads the website, which has about 200 members.

“But we can resist the temptation to abuse children sexually, and many of us present no danger to children whatsoever. Yet we are despised for having a sexual attraction that we did not choose, cannot change, and successfully resist.”

Yeah, that makes sense, right?  Normalize the behavior as “not their fault,” then say they should be able to be open about their sexual desire for children, but then not molest them.

This is the slippery slope you heard about.  They claim that they don’t really plan to have sex with kids, even though they want to.  Yet, already in Italy, a 60-year-old social worker who brought an 11-year-old home to have sex with her has had his conviction for child abuse overturned after the girl said she was in love with him.

Everything is based on emotion.  Just as they humanized sodomites by making you feel bad for them, they will humanize pedophiles.  Eventually, you will be legally unable to deny your own children the “right” to have sex with old men.  Really, that is something with follows from the present situation directly.  This isn’t alarmism, it is simply logical analysis.

We have to stop this.