Jewish Police Recommend Indictment of King Bibi

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 15, 2018

It’s finally happening.

This is the crack in the machine that was needed to redirect the entire course of history.

If Bibi goes down – and it’s looking as though he’s going down – the world shifts.

Jerusalem Post:

Israel Police recommended indicting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for bribery and breach of trust in two cases Tuesday night, Israel’s Channel 2 and Channel 10 reported.

After a 14-month-long investigation, police announced on Tuesday that it found enough evidence to recommend the state’s prosecution to indict Netanyahu for bribery and breach of trust in Case 1000, the “gifts affair” and Case 2000, the “Yediot Aharanot Affair.”

In Case 1000, the “gifts affair,” it is alleged that Netanyahu improperly accepted expensive gifts from different businessmen.

In Case 2000, the “Yediot Aharonot affair,” Netanyahu allegedly negotiated with publisher Arnon “Noni” Mozes for favorable coverage of himself in Yediot Aharonot in exchange for support of a bill to weaken Israel Hayom, the largest circulation Hebrew-language paper and Yediot’s biggest competitor.

Police also recommended indicting Mozes and Hollywood film producer Arnon Milchan, who is among those alleged to have given Netanyahu expensive gifts as bribes.

The prime minister, in the past, rejected both allegations claiming that “it is not illegal to accept gifts from friends” and that “Nothing will happen because nothing happened.”

At this stage, the prosecution and Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit will examine the evidence that police collected throughout the investigations, and will later decide whether to actually indict the prime minister or not.

The bribes are over $300,000 in total, and this is without there being an investigation to figure out what else this guy is up to.

When/if the indictment comes, there is going to be all sorts of different colors of blood on this Jew’s hands. After all, he’s Jewish. Right?

Bibi is one of the only relevant actors on the world stage, and he’s the single character holding together the Zionist war machine. I mean, theoretically, he could be replaced with some other member of his party, but that isn’t going to be what happens. If he goes down, a liberal Jew administration is going to take over, and they are going to be fully on the defensive against Putin.

Bibi himself is getting bitched around by Putin – as was also reported today.


Russian President Vladimir Putin put an end to the confrontation between Israel and Iran in Syria and both sides accepted his decision. That’s the apparent conclusion to be reached from the chain of events this past weekend.

On Saturday afternoon, after the second wave of bombardments by the Israel Air Force against Syrian targets and Iranian installations in Syria, senior Israeli officials were still taking a militant line and it seemed as if Jerusalem was considering further military action. Discussion of that ended not long after a phone call between Putin and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Vlad just calls up and is like, “yo, knock that shit off, kike.” And Bibi is just like “y-yes sir, sorry sir, thank you sir.”

What do you think the power dynamic is going to be with some spineless left Jew?

What this will mean is that there will no longer be a counter-part for American Jews to urge Trump to capitulate to. The American Zionist Occupation Government is all hard-right when it comes to Israel. Meanwhile, a bunch of actual Israelis have whatever the Jew version of white guilt is, and want to pull back settlements and stop bombing their neighbors.

There is even a not insignificant pro-immigrant movement in Israel!

Only 52% of Jews believe that Africans are a cancer.

If Bibi goes down, these Jew feminists who want to fuck Arabs and blacks are going to have a seat at the table of a government that wants to give back the Golan Heights!

There is widespread support for Jerusalem being the capital.

Okay. Fine.

But there is only 50% support for settlements.

Trump recently spoke out against settlements. And he’s already acknowledged Jerusalem. He’s popular in Israel.

If Bibi is no longer standing in the way, Trump can do a de-settlement program in exchange for the recognition of Jerusalem at the UN.

All of this will put the Zionist war machine on the backfoot. And move things toward a Middle East that is not defined by Jewish aggression.

And the reverberations of this are incalculable. Firstly, an end to Middle East war makes it that much harder for domestic kikes to drive a wedge between Trump and Putin. We will be able to bring all of our boys back home if Bibi goes.

If Bibi goes, the entire face of the future will be altered.