Jewish Pilgrimage: Rats Go to the Ukraine to Shoot at Goys with BB Gun, Get Pogromed

Daily Stormer
June 17, 2016


Who would even let these people in their country?

White people, when traveling abroad, tend to display their best behavior. On one hand, they want to be respectable representatives of their nations, and pride will make them act more honorably than normal. Also, they understand that as foreigners, they have to earn the good graces of the host nation and it’s people.

Jews have a different approach.

They shoot natives with pellet guns.

The Jerusalem Post:

Ukrainian police detained two Israelis who triggered a brawl in Uman by shooting a local man in the face with a BB gun.

The man was hit in the nose and lightly wounded by the plastic bullet Saturday night. There were no serious injuries.

“The visitors were drunk and they thought it was a good idea to shoot from the window of their hotel room with a BB gun at passers-by,” Uman Jewish leader Shimon Buskila told JTA on Wednesday.

What kind of psychopath would so such a thing in his own country? Never mind while on a pilgrimage in a foreign country.


As a reference, these are White pilgrims. I guess they must have forgotten their bb guns at home?

Trying to understand Jew psychology is like diving into the bowels of hell itself.

Dozens of angry locals began to crowd outside the hotel, drawing police as well as journalists and activists affiliated with the far-right Svoboda party, which has a history of inveighing against Jews in the city.

Ah, now we have a concrete, modern example of how pogroms are started. The medieval Jews must have shot peasants with bb crossbows or something, and got their asses pogrom’d.

Die sogenannten "Hep-Hep-Krawalle" in Frankfurt am Main, Antisemitische Ausschreitungen in Deutschland 1819; Radierung, zeitgenössischOriginal: Frankfurt am Main, Historisches MuseumStandort bitte unbedingt angeben!;

Jews: “Pogroms are the result of irrational hatred and jealousy. Oh, and us shooting goyim in the face, too”

Rushing to the defense of the Israelis, who had holed up in their hotel room, a group of 20 Israeli Orthodox visitors confronted the crowd and one of them hit a police officer, causing no serious injury, said Buskila, who is a leader of a predominantly Israeli community of several hundred Jews who live permanently in Uman.

“I condemn this violence in the harshest terms. Not only is it repulsive, it is also a major problem for the permanent Jewish community of Uman,” he said. “Jewish visitors need to show the locals the utmost respect, even more than they show their environment back home, because they are guests here who need to show gratitude to their Ukrainian hosts, as we do.”

Yeah, you’re showing your gratitude to the goyim really well, kike – thanks for that. Even other Jews hate Israelis, who are atrociously bad mannered, even by Jew standards.

Also, notice how 20 Jews came out of the woodwork to support the BB shooters and prevent this holocaust from happening. Jews will defend other Jews even if they’re guilty of the worst criminality.

The Jew’s hubris will be their undoing.