Jewish Pepe the Frog Case Against Alex Jones to Go Forward

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 18, 2019

Alex Jones is being buried under Jewish lawsuits.

The Sandy Hook case is almost all Jewish plaintiffs and Jewish lawyers. This Pepe case is being instigated by the Anti-Defamation League.

The Jews can’t destroy the First Amendment, so they are doing mass censorship through “private companies,” then circling around and targeting anyone who resists with lawsuits designed to bankrupt them.

It just never ends with these goddamn filthy Jews.


A Pepe the Frog copyright infringement claim filed against Infowars will proceed to trial, a California federal judge ruled Thursday after being unconvinced by motions argued by either side.

Matt Furie, who created the cartoon frog that became an internet meme and was co-opted by the far right, sued InfoWars for selling a poster of Pepe the Frog depicted alongside Milo Yiannopoulos, InfoWars founder Alex Jones and President Donald Trump. The posters sold for $29.95 apiece and generated gross revenues of over $31,000, the judge’s ruling said.

District Judge Michael Fitzgerald ruled that InfoWars’ did not provide evidence to back up its argument that Furie’s frog was based on another amphibian from an Argentinian cartoon, El Sapo Pepe. He said Furie having access to the internet was not enough to prove he would have been aware of the Argentinian cartoon.

However, the judge said Furie’s comments about his ownership of the frog are disputed enough to go to trial, ruling that a jury should determine whether the frog featured in the poster was Pepe or not.

He also ruled in favor of an InfoWars request that a jury should decide on Furie’s request for damages and legal fees.“This is a case about making sure nobody is making money off Pepe the Frog,” Furie’s lawyer Louis Tompros said Friday, while Infowars’ attorney Marc Randazza said they are fighting the case as a “free speech issue.” The trial is expected to begin on July 16 in Los Angeles.

That frog obviously was Pepe… the real Pepe – El Sapo Pepe!

With these kikes having gone to Furie to get him to sue white people, white people should go get the creator of El Sapo Pepe to sue Furie.

He’s the real thief here – he is also a smarmy hipster faggot.

He is the one who must face ultimate justice.