Jewish Overlords Issue Decree on Children’s Halloween Costumes

Jonathan Greenblatt was made supreme overlord of America in large part because people were so trusting of his honest face.

The Jewish Anti-Defamation League, an Israeli lobbying group, has issued a brutal dictate on what your children are allowed to wear for Halloween.

You can say “oh, I don’t have to follow these Jews.”

But you are mistaken.

These Jews are in charge of the entire country. If you cross them, you risk being completely obliterated.

If you reject the Jewish guidelines, and allow your child to dress up as a racist and sexist goblin or ghost costume, you risk paying the ultimate price.

They will get you fired from your job, sue you, put you on blast in the media as an evil hater and terrorist. They can literally do whatever they want to you. Your only choice is to bow to the will of the Jews, or risk total annihilation.

Seriously: these are the most powerful people in the world, and you’re not allowed to question them.

How do you think that works?

They crush people like ants.

Ask me what happened when I questioned the Jews.

(No but seriously – don’t ask.)

These Jews slaughtered Our Jesus and they are planning on wiping out the rest of us.

Of course, with people already losing their jobs because of the Jewish vax agenda and the Jewish economic collapse, some people might have less to lose.