Jewish New York Times Says Hong Kong is Already Tiananmen Square Part 2

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 27, 2019

The Jewish New York Times has declared this:

About this photo:

Of course, that photo was taken on Sunday, when the CIA-backed terrorists of the Hong Kong “protests” were throwing firebombs at cops – something that the NYT conveniently forgets to mention.

Instead, these Jews make it seem as though the cops are drawing weapons for no reason at all, other than that they hate freedom.

New York Times:

One man wore a white shirt and black trousers, and carried two shopping bags. He stared down a tank.

The other wore shorts and a tank top, and carried a furled umbrella. He stared down a police officer who had a weapon drawn.

The two photos are drawing comparisons as compelling images of outmatched citizens standing up to Chinese authority.

The first photo was taken in Beijing in 1989 during the Tiananmen Square protests, which were brutally quashed by the government. The protester, who quickly became known as Tank Man, captured the world’s attention. And the iconic photo has endured 30 years after the Tiananmen crackdown.

The second was taken on Sunday in Hong Kong by a photographer for The New York Times, Lam Yik Fei, as the local police clashed again with protesters in the semiautonomous Chinese territory. The photograph of the protests, now in their third month, has resonated on social media and been shared thousands of times. To many people, the image evokes memories of Tiananmen.

Here is the only paragraph hinting at the fact that the rioters instigated the violence:

Violence had broken out after a peaceful march, where many protesters carried umbrellas, a symbol of the resistance movement. Hong Kong police officers drew pistols on protesters who were charging them with sticks, and one officer fired a warning shot into the air after another officer fell.

Yes. They were poking them with sticks.

No pictures of that in the NYT, however.

The cops have been extremely patient. It is saintly patience. All they are doing is trying to contain these terrorists and stop them from creating complete chaos.

This situation is getting completely out of control. The riots and the Western lies about them are yet another part of what experts call the “Global Jewish Crisis,” the end effect of toxic Judaism and Jewish supremacy.

I keep telling the Chinese that the Jews are already saying that they’re “abusing human rights,” so they might as well start actually doing it.

If China doesn’t start to use ACTUAL VIOLENCE against these terrorists, they are going to start losing control in other parts of the country, and that could very easily and very quickly spiral into chaos.

That is obviously the plan here: the CIA is stirring up riots in Hong Kong, trying to drag them out as long as they can, in order to attempt to trigger riots in other parts of China.

The initial reason for the riots in Hong Kong is that some dude killed his pregnant girlfriend in Taiwan and then fled to Hong Kong where the cops refused to extradite him. People all across Asia were outraged by this, so Hong Kong was passing an extradition law, similar to those that every country in the world has, that would allow for people to be extradited if they were charged with a serious crime in another country. That law has already been withdrawn now, however, and the Hong Kong rioters are just rioting for riot’s sake.

Of course, the masses of them are not working for the CIA – just the leaders. But the masses aren’t thinking about “democracy” – no one thinks about that. People think about practical issues that affect real life, not ideological abstractions. The masses of them are rioting because they have no money and they cannot get laid – these two things are also problems across the rest of China. 

So, I mean – better do something, China. You’re one of the only countries not completely consumed by toxic Jewishness, and I would much prefer to not see you fall to these Jewish tricks. Please, please, please start running these brats over with tanks and say “WOMP WOMP” to the whining Jews of the New York Times.