Jewish NBC Executives Protected Jew Sex Predator Matt Lauer

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
December 1, 2017

Andrew Lack – the live action A. Wyatt Mann cartoon who leaked the Trump pussy-grabbing tape to manipulate our election – is in trouble yet again. Remember it was the Jew Lack who tried to kill Ronan Farrow’s revelations about Harvey Weinstein.

The temperature’s rising in the oven, with Lack and fellow NBC executive (((Noah Oppenheim))) being accused of enabling and protecting fellow Jewish sex predator Matt Lauer.

Matt Lauer’s behavior is being portrayed as a product of white cis-male “Mad Man” culture.

But this isn’t wealthy and powerful men bringing career-climbing whores back to their place after work. This Jew was so eccentric, and so drunk on his feelings of invincibility, that he would expose himself to women in his office and hand co-workers dildos.

This too was an open secret. Here is Meredith Vieira talking about the big bag of dildos he kept in his office. He plays it off in what, judging from Vieira’s expression, is a lie.

Various Jewish publications complained about the fact that we independent journalists consider the Jewiness of these moguls and media sex-weirdos an important part of the story.

I’ll let the audience decide if this bizarre and neurotic behavior is normal or typical in the work place for a non-Jewish man.


Matt Lauer exposed himself to a female co-worker, and gave another one a sex toy as a present — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg — according to dozens of current and former NBC staffers.

The former “Today” co-host also allegedly enjoyed playing the game “F**k, Marry, Kill” in regards to his female co-hosts at NBC. The bombshell allegations came out in a Variety investigation.
One woman says Lauer once delivered a sex toy to a female co-worker, and attached an explicit note … detailing how he’d use it on her. Several accusers claim his office was ground zero for much of the sexual misconduct. For instance, he allegedly called a female employee into his office … dropped trou, and flaunted his penis.

According to the report … Lauer’s office also had a secret button under his desk, so he could lock the door without getting up.

Kind of hard to believe Lack and Oppenheim didn’t know, seeing as he was out in the open.

Variety Fair has spoken to numerous sources that admitted to the fact that everyone, especially Lauer’s best buddy Andrew Lack, knew about his behavior. Another Jew named Matt Zimmerman was also in with the tribal clique but got fired shortly before Lauer.

So here’s some speculation, admittedly based on little more than a hunch: who is cleaning this vermin out of our media?

You can’t tell me this isn’t being coordinated. These women are all coming forward at the same time. With surgical precision, they’re bringing down top anti-white Jewish media and cultural titans.

They’re creating chaos and paranoia within fake news manufacturers like (((NBC))).

(((Gloria Allred))) and all the other “feminists” don’t represent women if they’re accusing their Jewish friends in the media. What is a press conference going to do? You can’t call the cops on the cops, as Harvey Weinstein accusers approaching the Jew York Times, NBC and even the NYPD/LAPD over the years figured out.

Is it Trump? Is it Bannon? Those pesky Russians?

There are few Goys in this nation of 323 million with enough power to take on the ruling Jewish cabal like this.

Something is going on. It’s a good thing for once. Whatever it is, knowing how dirty these mentally ill inbreds are, this is only the beginning.