Jewish Media Watchdog FAIR Panicking About Coverage of “Nazi Dork” Richard Spencer

Daily Stormer
November 25, 2016


Hadn’t you heard? Nazi dork is the newest fashion.

All right everybody: I have an announcement to make.

This is going to surprise you, but hear me out.

The media is actually controlled by a vast Nazi conspiracy. While pretending to be operated almost exclusively by Jews, whom they use as a cover, their true agenda is to subtly push hard core racism and nationalism on the unwitting populace.

Don’t believe me? I have the documents, folks.

The good people at FAIR told me all about it earlier, and it’s all legit.

(((Adam H. Johnson))) writes at Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting:

There’s been a recent wave of press for a certain unnamed Nazi Dork who threw a gathering in Washington, DC, for his Nazi friends this past week, attempting to use the Trump victory to raise the profile of himself and his Nazi “think tank.” The man who coined the term “alt right”—which has become a popular euphemism for those unwilling to use “white supremacist” or “neo-Nazi”—has of late received fairly softball interviews in Mother Jones (10/27/16), the LA Times (11/19/16) and, most recently, the Washington Post (11/22/16)

Indeed, the journalists at Mother Jones and the Washington Post could hardly contain their enthusiasm for Spencer’s hardline Nazi rhetoric. They almost blew their cover.


A sneak peak into the NYT’s editorial board.

His Nazi get-together got endless coverage, from the New York Times to The Atlantic to USA Today to CNN. The actual event itself, according to the Post, had a Nazi attendee–to–reporter ratio of 6 to 1. The Nazi Dork’s goal was to exploit and feed off the Trump campaign and subsequent victory, and he did it with tremendous success, thanks in part to a shiny-object obsessed media.

FAIR is being coy here. While they’re aware that CNN and the NYT is controlled by Nazis, they don’t want to openly reveal it, for fear of their lives. So they pretend that the gushing coverage NPI has received is only due to the need for sensationalism.

But we know better, of course.

The balance between covering hate and promoting it is a difficult one, and one that we shouldn’t dismiss out of hand. But after a week of wall-to-wall coverage, most of which one could imagine the Nazi Dork and his Nazi friends reading and posting to Facebook with a smirk, the balance has come down heavily on the side of fascist agitprop.

No, but seriously.

This FAIR Jew is unironically accusing the Jewish media of pushing fascist propaganda.

For the post’s header image, Johnson actually went through and edited all of the tweets about Spencer, blacking out his face and changing his name to “Nazi Dork.”


Can you imagine the type of person who’d unironically black out the face and name of someone he doesn’t like in a bunch of pictures?

I guess it’s not really out of character for an organization whose purpose is to criticize the mainstream media for not being sufficiently subversive.

The piece does have a lot of comedy gold however.

The profiles themselves, while frequently bringing up the more disgusting aspects of the Nazi Dork’s ideology, were written like any other glossy-magazine celebrity profile, complete with scene-setting details of their fancy meal. The Mother Jones profile began:

[He] uses chopsticks to deftly pluck slivers of togarashi-crusted ahi from a rectangular plate. He is sitting in the Continental-style lounge of the Firebrand Hotel….


They’re complaining that Mother Jones praised Spencer’s chopstick skills!


I guess we’re not allowed to be good at using chopsticks.

The LA Times followed up with a profile on Wednesday that was met with immediate social media backlash due to its sexy framing. “The Los Angeles Times glamorized the white supremacist,” Fusion’s Katherine Krueger wrote, “with a lead image of [him] posing like rebel-with-a-cause bad boy wearing black Ray-Bans”

Sexy Nazis, smdh.


Don’t they know that Nazism is full of sex-appeal?

Like the others, writer John Woodrow Cox felt the need to sell the Nazi Dork’s norm appeal to the reader. This is likely supposed to create tension in the piece (“no longer are white supremacists a bunch of toothless hicks!”), but the effect is outright promotion. Indeed, this is why the Nazi Dork named his think tank the benign sounding “National Policy Institute” and coined the term “alt-right”—it was all rebranding, an attempt to normalize neo-Nazism as something fresh and socially acceptable. By indulging in this narrative, the media helps do just that.

The profile went on, making genocide incitement seem witty and cheeky:

[He] of course, would expel Muslims from his ethno-state. And most women, he said as he was being driven from the hotel to his next appointment, would return to their traditional role of bearing children.

His attitude toward women and minorities made his admiration for Tila Tequila, the Nazi-loving Vietnamese American, surprising. Would he allow her in the ethno-state?

“There are always exceptions, I guess,” an amused [him] would say later. “I’m a generous guy.”

A generous ethnic cleanser. All right, then.

It must be a strange world these Jews are living in, convinced that the media isn’t “progressive” enough for their tastes.

A brief perusal at the author’s Twitter (@adamjohnsonNYC) reveals him to be a hardcore SJW agitator, so I guess nothing short of the Huffington Post will meet his refined palate.

Maybe someone should go on there and politely explain to him the difference between actual Nazis and NYT journalists.